Tektronix TCPA300 AC/DC Current Probe

15131.1 MFG #: TCPA300
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  • Manufacturer: Tektronix
  • Condition: New

  • Description


    • Development and Analysis Solutions for Designers, Installers, and Service Personnel in Telecomm, Data Comm, Computer, and Semiconductor Power Electronics Environments for:
      • Power Supplies (Switching and Linear)
      • Semiconductor Devices (SCRs, IGBTs, MOSFETs, CMOS, BJTs)
      • Power Inverters/Converters
      • Electronic Ballasts
      • Industrial/Consumer Electronics
      • Mobile Communications (Phone, Satellite, Relay Stations)
      • Motor Drives
      • Transportation Systems (Electronic Vehicles, Electric Trains, Locomotives, Avionics)

    Increased Performance and Simplicity

    The TCP300 and TCP400 Series AC/DC current measurement family is a highly advanced current measurement system for today's current measurement needs. When connected to Tektronix oscilloscopes with TEKPROBE Level II, TekConnect (w/ TCA-BNC), or TekVPI (w/ TPA-BNC) interfaces, current measurements and calculations are simple and easy.

    *1 Derated with duty cycle.

    *2 Requires a TDS TEKPROBE oscilloscope or a TekConnect oscilloscope with TCA-BNC.

    Meets Today's AC/DC Current Measurement Applications

    The TCPA300 amplifier, when used with TCP312, TCP312A, TCP305, TCP305A or TCP303 probes, provides a wide range of current measurement capability and spans the gap between low-level milliamp measurements to very high current levels. These three probes provide current measurement capabilities of 30 A, 50 A, and 150 A DC continuous. For even higher current levels, the TCPA400 amplifier with the TCP404XL current probe measures 500 A DC continuous and 750 A DC continuous, derated with duty cycle.

    Higher frequency performance is available with the TCP312 w/TCPA300 providing ≥100 MHz bandwidth and a maximum current of 30 A DC.

    Measurement Errors and Manual Calculations are Now a Thing of the Past

    With this new series of current measurement tools, automatic control and on-screen scaling and units is provided for users of Tektronix TDS3000, TDS500, TDS600, TDS700, TDS5000, TDS6000, and TDS7000B Series oscilloscope systems (the DPO3000, DPO4000, and DPO7000 Series oscilloscopes, the TPA-BNC adapter is required).

    The TCP300/TCP400 current measurement systems seamlessly integrate with your TDS Series oscilloscope.

    Even non-TEKPROBE systems can use the TCPA300/400 Series to make proper current measurements by simply multiplying the measured output voltage on the oscilloscope by the TCPA300/400 Series range setting.

    Silver Care Packages
    5 Years of Complete Service Coverage

    Probes include: Nylon carrying case, probe ground lead, and instruction sheet.

    TCPA300/TCPA400 Current Probe Amplifiers Include: documentation kit, TEKPROBE interface cable, male-to-male BNC cable (50 Ω), 50 Ω feedthrough termination, and certificate of traceable calibration.

    • AC/DC Measurement Capabilities
    • DC - 100 MHz, Current Probe Amplifier (TCPA300) uses:
      • DC - 100 MHz, 30 A DC (TCP312, TCP312A)
      • DC - 50 MHz, 50 A DC (TCP305A)
      • DC - 15 MHz, 150 A DC (TCP303)
    • DC - 50 MHz, Current Probe Amplifier (TCPA400) Uses:
      • DC - 2 MHz, 750*1 A DC (TCP404XL) (500 A DC Continuous)
    • Automatic Scaling and Units*2 - Oscilloscope On-screen Readout of Magnitude and Amps reduces errors by eliminating hand calculations
    • AC/DC Input Coupling
    • Low Insertion Impedance reduces Device Under Test Loading
    • Split-core Construction allows Easy Circuit Connection
    • Status Indicators provide Visual Operating Status and Notification of Potential Error Conditions - Degauss, Probe Open, Overload, Not Terminated into 50 Ω, Non-compatible Probe Type
    • Lower DC Drift and Noise allows Improved Low-level Current Measurements
    • Certified for bare wire voltages up to 150 V CAT II (TCP305A, TCP312A)