Tektronix TEKSCOPEFL-BAS TekScope Anywhere

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  • Manufacturer: Tektronix
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    Bring the power of oscilloscope analysis to PCs, servers, and tablets
    TekScope Anywhere™ brings the power of the oscilloscope analysis environment to the PC. Users now have the flexibility to perform analysis tasks including timing, eye, and jitter analysis outside the lab. Waveform data and setups from Tektronix DPO/MSO5000, DPO7000C, or DPO/MSO70000C/D/DX/SX and waveform data from DPO/MDO3000 and DPO/MDO4000 Series oscilloscopes can quickly be shared between team members and remote sites, resulting in improved efficiency.

    • Collaborate

      • TekScope Anywhere™ runs on your PC – Enabling better time and resource utilization; view, measure, and analyze data captured in your lab, independent of the oscilloscope hardware
      • Composite Save/Recall Format – More accurate and repeatable results with composite Save/Recall files with both instrument setup and waveform data from your Tektronix DPO/MSO5000, DPO7000C, or DPO/MSO70000C/D/DX/SX Series oscilloscope
      • Compatible With Most Common Save/Recall Waveform Files – Common analysis tools independent of the hardware acquisition, including; Tektronix, LeCroy, or Keysight oscilloscope formats (wfm, .isf, .csv, .h5, .tr0, .trc, and .bin)
    • Analyze
      • 50+ Parametric and Cursors Measurements – Test results confidence
      • Common measurement library with your Tektronix Oscilloscope so results correlate
      • Jitter Decomposition (option DJA required) – Faster Time-to-Answer; Conduct jitter analysis on your PC while traveling, in the lab, or at your customer's site; and get results that correlate with DPOJET
      • Plots with zoom support – Interactive plots, including zoom functionality, enables isolation of DUT behavior including spectral content and jitter
      • Plots with cursor support – Measure DUT performance, including eye height and eye width using cursors
      • Arbitrary Filter Support – De-embed and embed cables, fixtures, or channel models using filters created with SDLA Visualizer
    • Document
      • Waveform and plot annotations – Share detailed analysis results; measurements, anomalies and points of interest for future reference, collaboration with suppliers, or communicating with team
      • Reports- Easily document measurement results and configuration details with detailed test report
      • Custom Display configuration- Group plots in multiple configurations with stacked or overlaid waveform view


    • Compliance and Characterization – parametric measurements and jitter analysis for high speed serial interfaces
    • Debug- share waveforms, measurements, and configuration details among distributed team members or suppliers to root cause the source of failures
    • Simulation – quickly compare the results of lab measurements and simulations using common measurements and data visualization views

    Collaborate, Analyze, Document Offline

    • Perform analysis tasks including timing, eye, and jitter analysis — outside the lab
    • Quickly share waveform data and setups with team members, customers, and suppliers
    • Compatible with most common save/recall waveform files (.wfm, .isf, .csv, .h5, .tr0, .trc, and .bin)
    • Generate detailed test reports
    • Software runs on Windows-based PCs, servers, and tablets
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