Tektronix TTR506A USB Vector Network Analyzer

25859.1 MFG #: TTR506A
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Product Features

    PC-Controlled, USB 2.0 Instrument
    The Tektronix TTR503A and TTR506A vector Network Analyzers (VNA) provide fully error-corrected network analysis from 100 kHz to 3/6 GHz in a low-cost, compact package that is ideal for the classroom, laboratory or factory environments. The TTR506A covers 100 kHz to 6 GHz, while the TTR503A covers 100 kHz to 3 GHz. Both units are USB controlled and come with software that operates on a PC running Microsoft Windows, allowing for seamless integration into your existing workflow with easily-networked USB PC hosts.

    Full-featured, 2-port, 2-path VNAs to 6 GHz
    Make complete S-parameter measurements on your active and passive devices. 120 dB Dynamic Range ensures thorough characterization of your DUT.

    TTR500 VNA w/ VectorVu-PC

    VectorVu-PC is touch-optimized to work with moders PCs.

    A breakthrough in vector network analysis
    The TTR503A and TTR506A VNAs offer full featured network analysis in a compact package. These TTR500 series VNAs place all of the RF electronics needed to perform VNA measurements in a compact S-parameter test set that is connected to a standard Windows computer via USB. VectorVu-PC™ SW provides an intuitive user interface with buttons and controls that are familiar to VNA users. Remote programming is done via a SCPI command set compatible with legacy models.

    VNA Accessories

    • Calibration Kits
        TTR500 Calibration Kits
      • Cal kits are available in the three most common connector types (N, 3.5mm, 7/16) with male or female connector ends
      • Match the connector end type to that of your Device Under Test (DUT)
      • 4-in-1 CALSOLT cal kits are good for everyday use across the broadest variety of applications. In addition, high-accuracy CALMECH cal kits are available as well
    • Cables
      • Phase-stable cabling available, necessary for accurate S-parameter measurements
      Tektronix RF Cables and Coaxial Adapters
    • Adapters

    TektronixTTR500TRANSITCarrying Case For TTR500 Series VNAs
    TektronixTTR500RACKRack Mount Kit For TTR500 Series VNAs
    TektronixCALMECH-716Mechanical Calibration Kit 7/16 SOLT, 0 to 7.5 GHz (Spinner BN 53 38 40)
    TektronixCALMECH-NMechanical Calibration Kit Type-N, 0 to 18 GHz (Spinner BN 53 38 61)
    TektronixCALMECH-35MMMechanical Calibration Kit 3.5mm SOLT, 0 to 32 GHz (Spinner BN 53 38 54)
    TektronixTHRU-716-FMMechanical Calibration Kit Type-N SOLT, MF Thru Option 0 to 18 GHz (Spinner BN 533918R000)
    TektronixTHRU-N-FMMechanical Calibration Kit Type-N SOLT, MF Thru Option 0 to 18 GHz (Spinner BN 533918R000)
    TektronixTHRU-35MM-FMMechanical Calibration Kit 3.5mm SOLT, MF Thru Option 0 to 32 GHz (Spinner BN 533769R000)
    TektronixCALSOLT35FSOLT 4-In-One Kit 3.5 mm female
    TektronixCALSOLT35MSOLT 4-In-One Kit 3.5 mm male
    TektronixCALSOLT716MSOLT 4-In-One Kit 7/16 male
    TektronixCALSOLTNFSOLT 4-In-One Kit Type N female
    TektronixCALSOLTNF-75SOLT 4-In-One Kit Type N female, 75 Ohms
    TektronixCALSOLTNMSOLT 4-In-One Kit Type N male
    TektronixCALSOLTNM-75SOLT 4-In-One Kit Type N male, 75 Ohms