TestEquity 1056 Ethernet Interface (External)

20213.1 MFG #: 1056
$0.00 / EA
  • Manufacturer: TestEquity
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    External interface converter box. Converts the temperature controller's serial Modbus interface to Ethernet. Allows you to program with simple ASCII commands instead of Modbus packets. Not compatible with GPIB Option 0003. Replaces TE-1055. More info >>

    Converts simple ASCII commands into Modbus RTU messages. Relieves you from having to generate and check Modbus packets, simplifying communications to the Watlow F4T, F4, and EZ-Zone controllers.

    Why use the 1056 Ethernet Converter when the F4T Controller includes an Ethernet Interface?
    The 1056 Ethernet Interface Converter converts the controller's RS-232 Modbus interface to Ethernet. The converter takes care of the Modbus packet formatting so the command structure is simplified. The most compelling reason why you would want to use 1056 Ethernet Interface Converter instead of the F4T's native Ethernet interface is if you wanted to program using simple ASCII commands instead of Modbus packets.

    NOTE: The native Ethernet interface which is included with the F4T controller for no extra charge accepts SCPI commands for for reading/writing set points, turning chamber functions on/off, and starting/stopping/pausing stored profiles via Ethernet port 5025. The complete command set for all functions remain available via Modbus. Also Watlow Composer software will only work with the native F4T Ethernet interface, NOT the 1056 Ethernet Converter.