TestEquity 115A-F Temperature Chamber (Environmental Chamber)

19995.1 MFG #: 115A-F
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Product Features

    • -73°C to +175°C Temperature Range
    • 1.55 Cu Ft Workspace, 16W x 12H x 14D
    • Your choice of the NEW F4T Touch Screen Controller or the Original F4 Controller
    • High/Low Limit Control & Alarm
    • Viewing Window & Interior Light
    • Reversible Door
    • Access Ports on Left & Right Side
    • Non-CFC Cascade Refrigeration
    • Compact Floor Standing (115A-F) & Benchtop (115A-B) Versions
    • 120V Input
    • cTUVus Listed to UL 61010-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1 (more info...)
    • 3 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor Warranty
    • Fast Delivery From Stock
    • Export version available with CE Mark
    • Made by TestEquity in Moorpark, California

    TestEquity Model 115A Temperature Chamber provides full-range temperature testing in a compact floor standing or benchtop package. Its rugged design includes a variety of standard features, making it an exceptional value.

    Compare the TestEquity Model 115A Temperature Chamber to the competition:

    Feature TestEquity 115A Competition
    Control Architecture Bidirectional Bucking
    Window and Light Included Optional
    High/Low Limit Controller Included Optional
    Access Ports Two 3", left & right side One 2", not possible on right side
    Shelf Included Optional
    Reversible Chamber Door Yes Not Possible
    Condensate Drain Yes No
    Warranty 1 Year Labor
    3 Years Parts
    90 Days Labor
    1 Year Parts
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    Environmental Chambers

    See the complete line of
    TestEquity Environmental Chambers

    Your choice of the NEW F4T Touch Screen Controller or the Original F4 Controller

    F4T Controller F4 Controller
    F4T Touch Screen Controller
    Modern touch screen interface
    and connectivity
    Original F4 Controller
    Developed in 1998

    NEW F4T Touch Screen Temperature Controller
    The F4T is our next-generation controller. Featuring a touch-screen interface, it's exceptionally easy and intuitive to use. Includes RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces. GPIB is available as an option.

    F4T Feature F4T Benefit
    4.3 inch TFT Projected Capacitive (PCAP) color graphic touch screen Modern interface for quick entry and readout of parameters and functions
    Direct alphanumeric parameter entry Quick and unambiguous entry of parameters for ease-of-use
    Multiple levels of password security Prevent tampering of critical parameters and processes by unauthorized persons
    Profile archiving and transfer via USB Flash Drive Quickly and easily transfer profiles to multiple chambers
    Data Logging with transfer via USB Flash Drive or LAN Simplify your documentation process
    Graphical Trend Display Eliminate circular chart recorders which have limited usefulnes
    SCPI Commands Easy programming of set points and readback of chamber conditions via Ethernet
    F4 Compatibility Mode for most frequently used commands Use your existing software that was written for the original F4
    NEMA 4 / IP65 Rated Front panel protects the controller against damage from dust and water intrusion

    More about the F4T Touch Screen Controller >>

    Original F4 Temperature Controller
    Up to 256 steps can be programmed into as many as 40 nameable profiles. The context sensitive information key and guided steps make profile programming fast and easy. A four-line backlit LCD displays programming, setup, operating and help information. A large LED readout indicates the actual chamber temperature with 0.1° resolution. Internal logic provides refrigeration compressor control for responsive and reliable performance. Includes two alarms and seven event outputs to control remote devices. RS-232C communications is also included. GPIB, Ethernet and analog retransmit are available as options.
    More about the Original F4 Temperature Controller >>

    High/Low Temperature Limit Controller and Alarm
    Provides independent protection against excess temperatures. Both high and low limits can be set. The limit controller will shut down the chamber and trigger the audible alarm in the event of an out of limit condition.

    Viewing Window and Interior Light
    6-Pane window minimizes thermal losses. Oven-rated interior light fixture protrudes minimally into the workspace.

    Two 3" Access Ports
    Model 115A chambers include two 3" ports (2.83" inside diameter). Lets you attach wires and sensors to your test sample through both the left and right side of the chamber.

    A stainless steel wire shelf ensures proper airflow around your test sample for uniform temperature distribution.

    The 115A-F floor-standing version includes casters to permit easy movement, making the chamber truly portable.

    Reversible Chamber Door
    You won't need to rearrange you whole bench or workflow to accommodate the Model 115A. The chamber door is reversible, allowing the door to open from the left or right side. This is also useful when placing two chambers side-by-side.

    120 Volt Input
    The chamber draws 15 Amps maximum at 120 Volts. You can plug it into any standard 20 Amp wall receptacle. An export version is available with 230 Volts, 50 Hz input.

    World's Best Environmental Chamber Warranty
    Only TestEquity offers a 3-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor. Our nationwide service network is qualified to do the job right. And we always have replacement parts in stock for immediate shipment. Labor warranty applies to the United States and Canada only. See the complete warranty statement here.


    Reliability and Safety That's Designed In
    Non-CFC refrigerants are used in a cascade (two compressors) configuration. Pressure controls keep the operating pressures within safe limits regardless of load conditions. Liquid injection ensures cool compressor operation during high-temperature cool down for long life. Sequential starting of each compressor reduces the current demand on start-up. Care has been taken to use a minimum number of fittings, joints and welds to reduce the possibility of refrigerant leaks.

    All electrical control components are UL approved. The nichrome air-heater has a low watt-density and even heat distribution for reliable performance and fast response. A fusible link provides fail-safe protection against thermal runaways, in addition to the microprocessor-based high/low limit controller.

    We use a combination of structural foam and fiberglass blanket insulation for a higher combined R-factor than just fiberglass alone. The result is a cabinet that does not sweat due to condensation during low temperature operation. The side and rear panels are removable to permit complete access to the refrigeration system for ease of service and preventive maintenance.

    Condensed Specifications
    Temperature Range -73°C to +175°C
    Tolerance Control: ±0.2°C; Uniformity: ±1.0°C
    Input Power

    NEMA 5-20R120V, 60 Hz, 15A (20A minimum service)
    Plugs into standard NEMA 5-20R Receptacle

    (Export version available with 230V, 50Hz, 8A input,
    supplied with power cord for destination country)

    Inside Dimensions 16" W x 12" H x 14" D (1.55 Cubic feet)
    Outside Dimensions Bench Model 115A-B: 24" W x 44" H x 26" D
    Floor Model 115A-F: 24" W x 61" H x 26" D
    Net Weight Bench Model 115A-B: 275 lbs.; Floor Model 115A-F: 300 lbs
    For detailed specifications CLICK HERE >>

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    Manufacturer Model Description
    TestEquity F4T-T Touch Screen Temperature Controller (no extra charge)
    TestEquity F4T-T-CASCADE Touch Screen Controller with Part Temperature Control Adds the ability to control the part temperature instead of only the air temperature. Order instead of the F4T-T. More info >>
    TestEquity F4-TEMP Legacy F4 Temperature Controller with Arrow Keys (no extra charge, not recommented for new applicatons, select instead of F4T-T)
    TestEquity 1151 Extra Shelf for Model 115A. Chamber comes standard with one shelf.
    TestEquity 1052 GPIB Interface (External interface converter box). Converts the temperature controller's serial interface to GPIB. More info >>
    TestEquity 1152 Caster Base Retrofit to convert 115A-B to 115A-F. Converts 115B and 115A-B Benchtop Version to 115F and 115A-F Floor Standing Version
    TestEquity 300373 Port Plug, Silicone Foam, 3"W x 3.5"L. Open-cell silicone sponge with closed-cell silicone facing. For newer Model 115 and 115A Chambers with 3" ports.
    TestEquity 0017 Dry Air Purge for 115A. Requires Option 1009. Heatless regenerative desiccant air drier. Requires 5 cfm supply air flow rate at 100 psig (175 psig max) to be supplied by customer. More info >>
    TestEquity 1009 GN2 Purge. Requires GN2 to be supplied by customer. More info >>
    TestEquity 0040 4" Port (Factory Installed Only) Specify location at time of order. Chamber comes standard with one port on the left and right side (2 total). Additional ports not available for rentals.
    TestEquity 200203 Replacement Light Bulb for 115 Series and 123 Series 15W 120V E14 base. NOT for 123C-EX, 123H-EX, or 123HS-EX.