3 Series MDO Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

Experience a big, high-definition display in a compact, portable scope. An award-winning, made-for-touch interface turns the learning curve into a step function. The unique built-in spectrum analyzer option makes it great for RF analysis.
  • Bandwidth: Up to 1 GHz
  • Record Length: 10 Mpoints
  • Analog Channels: 2 or 4
  • Sample Rate: Up to 5 GS/s

The biggest display in its class, and remarkable user interface

With the same made-for-touch user interface technology as the award-winning 5 Series along with the largest display and highest resolution display in its class, the 3 Series MDO works how a scope should work.

  • 11.6-inch HD display
  • Pinch, tap, swipe capacitive touchscreen

See how the 3 Series MDO user interface helps you work better and faster.

Model Numbers
MDO32 3-BW-100 (2 Analog CH, 100 MHz)
MDO32 3-BW-200(2 Analog CH, 200 MHz)
MDO32 3-BW-350 (2 Analog CH, 350MHz)
MDO32 3-BW-500 (2 Analog CH, 500 MHz)
MDO32 3-BW-1000 (2 Analog CH, 1 GHz)
MDO34 3-BW-100 (4 Analog CH, 100 MHz)
MDO34 3-BW-200 (4 Analog CH, 200 MHz)
MDO34 3-BW-350 (4 Analog CH, 350 MHz)
MDO34 3-BW-500 (4 Analog CH, 500 MHz)
MDO34 3-BW-1000 (4 Analog CH, 1 GHz)


Tektronix 3 Series MDO
Buy. Upgrade. Troubleshoot.

FREE Firmware Upgrade      

Tektronix has released a FREE firmware update for the 3 Series MDO. The new firmware incorporates three of the most common user-requested features: Vertical grid readouts, enhanced cursor measurements, and print-friendly screenshot capabilities.

  • Vertical Grid Readouts On-Screen
  • Enhanced Cursor Measurement
  • Export Ink Saver
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Compact, yet packed with capabilities

It’s only 6 inches (15 cm) deep but the 3 Series MDO is a lot of oscilloscope. It gives you the tools you need to validate and troubleshoot complex embedded systems.

  • Up to 5 GS/s sample rate on each analog channel
  • More than 125 trigger combinations
  • Dozens of automated measurements
  • Wide range of available serial bus decode and trigger options
  • Optional 16 digital logic channels
  • Optional integrated 1 GHz or 3 GHz spectrum analyzer
  • Optional 50 MHz arbitrary / function generator
See how to take great measurements and find elusive artifacts and anomalies.

A built-in spectrum analyzer

Whether you’re a spectrum analyzer expert or an occasional user, you’ll be able to put the built-in spectrum analyzer right to work. Unlike other oscilloscopes that offer FFT “spectrum analysis”, the MDO3 Series has a true spectrum analyzer built right in.

  • 1 GHz or 3 GHz built-in spectrum analyzer options
  • Industry’s only true integrated spectrum analyzer hardware
  • Ultra-wide capture bandwidth up to 3 GHz
See the built-in spectrum analyzer at work.