Tektronix XYZs of Oscilloscopes and Oscilloscope Reference Kit

Tektronix XYZs of Oscilloscopes and Oscilloscope Reference Kit

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Tektronix Oscilloscope Reference KitXYZs of Oscilloscopes Primer (pdf, 3.2M)
Oscilloscopes enable you to "see" events that change over time. Oscilloscopes are indispensable tools for anyone designing, manufacturing or repairing electronic equipment. In today's fast-paced world, engineers need the best tools available to solve their measurement challenges quickly and accurately. As the eyes of the engineer, oscilloscopes are the key to meeting today's demanding measurement challenges. The concepts presented in this primer will provide you with a good starting point in understanding oscilloscope basics and operation.

Oscilloscope Reference Poster (pdf, 232K)
This poster visually shows the basic features and functions of the oscilloscope including tips for capturing your signal and advanced triggering. Easy to print on 11x17 paper for an ideal reference to post in your lab, office or anywhere you use your oscilloscope.

Fundamentals of Oscilloscopes Lab (pdf, 207K)
Step-by-step guide covering oscilloscope operation and common electronic measurements.

Pocket Guide to Oscilloscopes (pdf, 847K)
This pocket-sized guide explains fundamental oscilloscope concepts, including how an oscilloscope works and tips for capturing your signal. Easy, 2-fold assembly for a helpful, quick reference guide to your oscilloscope.

XYZs of Oscilloscopes Primer (pdf, 3.2M)

Table of Contents
Signal Integrity
The Significance of Signal Integrity
Why is Signal Integrity a Problem?
Viewing the Analog Origins of Digital Signals
The Oscilloscope
Understanding Waveforms and Waveform Measurement
Types of Waves
     Sine Waves
     Square and Rectangular Waves
     Sawtooth and Triangle Waves
     Step and Pulse Shapes
     Periodic and Non-periodic Signals
     Synchronous and Asynchronous Signals
     Complex Waves
     Constellation Diagrams
Waveform Measurements
     Frequency and Period
     Waveform Measurements with Digital Oscilloscopes
Types of Oscilloscopes
Digital Oscilloscopes
     Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
     Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
     Digital Sampling Oscilloscopes
The Systems and Controls of an Oscilloscope
Vertical System and Controls
     Position and Volts per Division
     Input Coupling
     Bandwidth Limit
     Bandwidth Enhancement
Horizontal System and Controls
     Acquisition Controls
     Acquisition Modes
     Types of Acquisition Modes
     Starting and Stopping the Acquisition System
     Sampling Controls
     Sampling Methods
     Real-time Sampling
          Equivalent-time Sampling
     Position and Seconds per Division
     Time Base Selections
     XY Mode
     Z Axis
     XYZ Mode
Trigger System and Controls
     Trigger Position
     Trigger Level and Slope
     Trigger Sources
     Trigger Modes
     Trigger Coupling
     Trigger Holdoff
Display System and Controls
Other Oscilloscope Controls
     Math and Measurement Operations
The Complete Measurement System
Passive Probes
Active and Differiential Probes
Probe Accessories
Performance Terms and Considerations
Rise Time
Sample Rate
Waveform Capture Rate
Record Length
Triggering Capabilities
Effective Bits
Frequency Response
Vertical Sensitivity
Sweep Speed
Gain Accuracy
Horizontal Accuracy (Time Base)
Vertical Resolution (Analog-to-digital Converter)
Operating the Oscilloscope
Setting Up
Ground the Oscilloscope
Ground Yourself
Setting the Controls
Using Probes
Instrument Calibration
Connecting the Ground Clip
Compensating the Probe
Oscilloscope Measurement Techniques
Voltage Measurements
Time and Frequency Measurements
Pulse Width and Rise Time Measurements
Phase Shift Measurements
Other Measurement Techniques
Written Exercises
Part I
     Vocabulary Exercises
     Application Exercises
Part II
     Vocabulary Exercises
     Application Exercises
Answer Key

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