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Analyzing Data Communications, Power, Sensors and RF Technologies

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Testing Today's Automotive Technologies
The pace of change in automotive electronics has never been faster, resulting in safer, more efficient, and more connected vehicles. Technologies such as high-speed data communications, wireless communications, radar, and power supplies underpin these new systems. These enabling technologies are driving new standards and new challenges for testing and verification.

Serial Data Communications and Control Systems
The tremendous increases in the amount of data moving through a vehicle dramatically impacted communication bandwidth requirements. New standards deal with these super-high data rates, but how do you deal with all the new standards? Get more information on:

  • Protocol decoding and debugging of the high speed and medium speed bus technologies including Ethernet, USB, PCI-e, CAN FD, CAN, LIN, Flexray and more
  • Compliance testing for Ethernet, Broad-R Reach/100BASE-T1, MOST, USB, MIPI and more
  • Evaluating signal integrity and troubleshooting anomalies
  • Environmental testing with datalogging systems
  • Download the flyer and brochure to learn how Tektronix and Keithley instruments support testing standards for today’s automotive technologies. To be contacted with additional information, please complete this form.
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