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Analyzing Data Communications, Power, Sensors and RF Technologies

Power Train Body Infotainment Vehicle Motion Safety

Testing Today's Automotive Technologies
The pace of change in automotive electronics has never been faster, resulting in safer, more efficient, and more connected vehicles. Technologies such as high-speed data communications, wireless communications, radar, and power supplies underpin these new systems. These enabling technologies are driving new standards and new challenges for testing and verification.

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Drive to CAN FD Faster

Boost your Automotive Testing capabilities with fast debugging and validation of CAN FD signals.

Troubleshoot ECUs, actuators and related sensors on the MDO3000 and MDO4000C Oscilloscopes with CAN FD.

Speed Up Design

  • View bus data and evaluate bus waveforms simultaneously
  • Powerful CAN FD triggering and searching capabilities
  • Support for ISO and non-ISO versions

Tektronix Automotive

View sensor signals and CAN FD bus activity