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Everything you need to know about
Time-Selective Spectrum Analysis

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Time-Selective Spectrum Analysis WEBINAR

If you work in the communications or government/military industries, understanding pulsed RF using time-selective spectrum analysis is critical.

During this interactive event Tektronix Senior Marketing Manager, Mark Elo, will help you by covering the benefits of time-selective measurements and compare:

  • Various measurements
  • Instrument architectures
  • Triggering techniques

Gain deeper insights than what’s provided through traditional spectrum analysis.

When performing measurements on pulsed RF-based transmitters, used typically for TDMA-based communications, radar and electronic warfare systems, the signal of interest is only available for analysis at an instant in time. This creates measurement challenges. Make sure you have the right knowledge!

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Presented By:

Mark Elo

Sr. Technical Marketing

Manager, Tektronix