Tektronix Savings for the Classroom, Tools for the Real World

As electronic systems continue to increase in speed and complexity, colleges and universities want to outfit their labs with modern test instrumentation to better-prepare students for the real world. Tektronix offers educational institutions a complete set of affordable instruments including oscilloscopes, signal generators, digital multi-meters and power supplies, all tied together with TekSmartLab.

Fundamental Teaching Lab
Prepare future engineers for tomorrow's exciting challenges with a powerful suite of entry level test equiptment.

Recommended equipment:

  • TBS2000B Oscilloscope - Compatibile passive probes included (one per channel)
  • AFG1062 - Arbitrary/Function Generator
  • DMM6500 - Digit Digital Multimeter
  • 2231A-30-3 - Power Supply

Electronics Engineering Lab
This configuration provides students with the instruments to help them learn real world applications.

Recommended equipment:

Next Generation RF/Wireless Lab
Equipment your student with solutions to learn challenging designs for wireless technologies and complex IoT designs.

Recommended equipment:


Education Solution - TekSmartLab™
TekSmartLab is the industry's first network-based instrument management solution for teaching labs that brings a more efficient lab experience. With the TekSmartLab, instructors can setup configurations of large fleets of instruments conveniently with only one click, while configuring lab instruments had to be done manually before.

  • Enables control of up to 400 instruments
  • TBX3000A hardware for instrument connection and control
  • TSL3000B software for communication with the TBX3000A; includes Professor & Student apps
  • Data Sheet

Unique Educational Tools from Tektronix
In conjunction with the TBS1000B-EDU instrument – the world's first dedicated teaching oscilloscope – we've created a web site users can turn to for assistance and ideas to uncover new ways of enhancing the teaching and learning experience. The site offers users these courseware resources:

  • Courseware files contributed by your peers
  • Sample files created by Tektronix
  • User manuals
  • How-to videos and video tutorials
  • Downloads and updates of our PC Courseware Editor tool
  • Share courseware at www.tek.com/courseware