Total Product Protection Tektronix Promo

Tektronix Total Product Protection Promo - Save 20%!

Accidents happen. Make sure you're protected.

Tektronix has the only plan in the industry to offer coverage for accidental damage — And now through July, 2019, it's 20% Off!

Reduce unplanned repair or replacement costs with Total Product Protection. Total Protection covers screen damage, damage from spills, broken mounts, electrostaic discharge or electrical overstress events — even normal wear and tear.

Total Product Protection is available for the following products:

MDO3000, MDO4000MSO54 5 BW 500, MSO56 5 BW 350, MS058 5 BW 350,  6 Series MSO, TBS2000, RSA306BRSA503ARSA507A, RSA513A, RSA518ADMM7510, AFG31000

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