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Enterprise solution designed for customers looking for fully outsourced approach to include higher level of vendor management services and consume large volume of specific products. Customer maintains primary control of scanning, while TestEquity performs weekly restock services. Automated weekly replenishment orders with scheduled TestEquity restock.

Re-Stock Plus solution is designed for customers who consume large volume of specific products and looking for a fully outsourced approach to ensure products are available on hand when and where customers need them. TestEquity replenishment trigger driven based on customer demands.

Core VMI solution designed for customers who consume large volume of specific products and wish to maintain primary control of VMI at lower price point. Automated replenishment orders with weekly scheduled delivery.

Re-Stock Essentials solution is for customers looking for a fast and convenient way to trigger replenishment and are not concerned with having min/max levels. Accommodates low/high product mix.

Program Overview

Program Features Enterprise Re-Stock Plus Core VMI Re-Stock Essential
Semi-Annual Business Review Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inventory Control True Min/Max Triggered True Min/Max Real-Time Triggered
TestEquity Local Presence High High Medium Low
Manage Warehouse Receipt TestEquity Customer Customer Customer
Scan Out Products Customer - Customer -
Automated Re-Order Yes Trigger As Needed Yes Trigger As Needed
Put Away Product Shipment TestEquity TestEquity Customer Customer
Vidmar Storage Solution
*Vending available upon request
Laptop & Scanner
Scanner Provided Laptop & Scanner
Scanner Provided
Annual Agreement Minimum $45,000 $45,000 $25,000 $10,000
Optional Vending Minimum $100,000 - - -
Blanket PO Required Yes Yes Yes Blanket Preferred /
Weekly PO Optional

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