TestEquity Models 1016H, 1016H-2, and 1007H Temperature/Humidity Chambers

Model 1016H-2 is a cost-saving version of the popular 1016H. It has 2 HP compressors instead of 3.5 HP compressors for applications that can accommodate slightly slower transition times and reduced live-load capacity.

The 1016H-2 provides more than adequate capacity for all humidity-only applications as well as most low-temperature applications. In fact, when performing humidity tests, the extra capacity of 3.5 HP compressors is never even used. 1016H-2 is also significantly quieter (62 dBA vs. 68 dBA) than the 1016H. Lastly, the 1016H-2 puts out 10,000 BTUH less heat into the room which saves on air conditioning cost.

While the 1016H is only available with 3 phase input power, the 1016H-2 can be configured for 3 phase or 1 phase input power, just like the 1007H.

1016H-2 is a great choice when you primarily do humidity testing but need a chamber larger than a 1007H.

Summary of differences between TestEquity Models 1016H, 1016H-2, and 1007H Temperature/Humidity Chambers

Inside Volume
16 Cu Ft
16 Cu Ft
7 Cu Ft
Temperature Range
-73°C to +175°C
-73°C to +175°C
-73°C to +175°C
Humidity Range*
10% to 95%
10% to 95%
10% to 95%
Cooling from 85°C to -40°C
23 minutes (5.4°C/minute)
38 minutes (3.5°C/minute)
37 minutes (3.4°C/minute)
Heating from -40°C to 85°C
15 minutes (8.3°C/minute)
28 minutes (4.5°C/minute)
17 minutes (7.4°C/minute)
Live Load Capacity @ -40°C
1,750 Watts
1,100 Watts
500 Watts
Input Power
1 PH not available
208V, 1 PH, 33A Max
230V, 1 PH, 36A Max
208V, 1 PH, 28A Max
230V, 1 PH, 25A Max
208V, 3 PH, 35A Max
230V, 3 PH, 39A Max
208V, 3 PH, 22A Max
230V, 3 PH, 24A Max
208V, 3 PH, 19A Max
230V, 3 PH, 21A Max
Heat Load into Room
27,500 BTUH
17,485 BTUH
14,800 BTUH
Sound Level
68 dBA
62 dBA
62 dBA
Two 3.5 HP
Two 2 HP
Two 1.5 HP

*Humidity Range:
Standard Range: 10% to 95%
(Limited by a 6°C dew point and dry bulb range of +10°C to +85°C)

With optional GN2 Purge or Dry Air Purge: 5% to 95%
(Dry bulb range of +10°C to +85°C)