Model 101H Temperature/Humidity Chamber - Specifications


Effective for models shipped after December 10, 2018 with external water reciculation system.

Temperature Range (uncontrolled humidity) -30°C to +130°C
Temperature Control Tolerance ±0.5°C (Short-term variations measured at the control sensor after stabilization)
Temperature Uniformity ±1.0°C (Variations throughout the chamber after stabilization, at least 2-inches from the walls, in the range of -25°C to +100°C)
Temperature Sensor Platinum RTD sensor
Humidity Range

Standard Range: 10% to 95% RH
Limited by a 6°C Dew Point within the range of +10°C to +85°C chamber temperature

With GN2 Purge or optional Dry Air Purge: 5% to 95% RH
Within the range of +10°C to +85°C chamber temperature

Temp/Humidity Range

NOTE: Ability to reach RH extremes may be limited by the humidity sensor accuracy. Low Dew Point conditions can only be achieved when starting with a clean, dry chamber.

Humidity Control Tolerance ±3% RH (Short-term variations measured at the control sensor after stabilization)
Humidity Sensor Dynamic capacitive type, Vaisala HMM100 with Stainless Steel Body (no wet wicks used)
Temperature/Humidity Controller F4T Touch Screen Controller, Integrated Limit Control with independent sensor; Ethernet Modbus TCP and RS-232 Modbus RTU interfaces; USB host port for transfer via flash drive of data log files, profile configuration files, and controller configuration files.
Safety Limit Controller Independent thermocouple sensor, integrated into the F4T controller, FM approved. User setable high and low temperature limits. Chamber turns off when limits are exceeded. A thermal fuse provides backup overtemperature protection.
Heat Up Transition Time (empty)* 4.8°C/minute from -25°C to +85°C
Cool Down Transition Time (empty)* End Temperature
Start Temperature +23°C 0°C -10°C -20°C -25°C -30°C
+125°C 15 min 22 min 28 min 38 min 47 min Ultimate
+85°C 9 min 15 min 21 min 29 min 38 min Ultimate
+23°C -- 6 min 10 min 18 min 26 min Ultimate

*Note: Transition times are measured after a 30 minute soak at the respective start temperature with an empty chamber, as indicated on the temperature controller, 23°C ambient. Measured with set point beyond the start and end temperatures. Does not include the effect of proportional band when approaching set point.

Live Load Capacity
(Uncontrolled Humidity)
+23°C 0°C -10°C -15°C -20°C -25°C
440 W 290 W 190 W 150 W 100 W 80 W
Inside Dimensions 13.8"W x 11.8"H x 11.8"D, 1.1 cubic feet
350W x 300D x 300H mm, 31 liters
Outside Dimensions
and Weight

Benchtop Model 101H-B
23.25"W x 36"H x 28.7"D (nominal)
590.6W x 914.4H x 730D mm
Net weight: 200 pounds. Shipping weight: 280 pounds.

Floor-Standing Model 101H-F
23.25"W x 62.3"H x 28.7"D (nominal)
590.6W x 1582H x 730D mm
Net weight: 250 pounds. Shipping weight: 330 pounds.

Minimum Installed Clearance 12" (304mm) from the rear
Full access to left side is required for maintenance when draining the internal water tank and changing the water filter.
Access Ports 3" (2.83" inside diameter) Port on left and right side (two total)
Supplied with silicone foam plugs
Sound Level 66 dBA in cooling mode (A-weighted, measured 36" from the front surface, 63" from the floor, in a free-standing environment)
Air Flow 100 SCFM
Heater Power 250 Watts
Cooling System 1/4 HP Copeland hermetic compressor
Heat of Rejection (heat load in the room) 3000 BTUH (Maximum rated chamber load at maximum cooling rate from high temperature soak.)
Water Requirement

Supplied water recirculation system must be filled with clean tap water only.

May be plumbed to a source of Single-Distilled or De-Ionized Water, maximum 50 psi (requires optional Inlet Solenoid Valve Assembly). Negligible water consumption.

Input Power 120 V nominal (110 to 126 VAC), 60 Hz, 1 PH
Max Current Draw 120 A, Recommended Minimum Service 15 A

NOTE: Performance is typical and based on operation at 23°C (73°F) ambient and nominal input voltage. This product is designed for use in a normal conditioned laboratory. Operation at higher ambient temperatures will result in decreased cooling performance. Operation above 27°C (80°F) will have a significant impact on low-temperature operation.

Effective for models shipped after December 10, 2018 with external water reciculation system.

Due to continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.