TestEquity Model 123C Benefits over Model 115A

TestEquity Model 123C Temperature Chamber gives you "big-chamber" features and performance in a compact, 120V-input design. It offers many improvements over the TestEquity Model 115A Temperature Chamber and similar-class products from other manufacturers.

  • 53% Larger workspace
    • Model 123C: 2.3 Cu Ft Workspace, 18" W x 16.5" H x 13.5" D
    • Model 115A: 1.55 Cu Ft Workspace, 16" W x 12" H x 14" D
  • Increased airflow for better heat transfer to load
    • Model 123C: 160 cfm
    • Model 115A: 85 cfm
    • Model 115 (discontinued): 60 cfm
  • Adjustable shelf
    • Model 123C: Shelf is adjustable in 0.5" increments. Additional shelves can be placed as close as every 1.5".
    • Model 115A: Shelf height is fixed at 3" from the chamber floor. Additional shelves must be stacked on top of each other, spaced at 3".
  • Chart Recorder option
    • Model 123C: Circular chart recorder available - mounts in lower front panel.
    • Model 115A: Circular chart recorder option is not available.
  • GPIB option
    • Model 123C: Choice of internal or external GPIB interface converter.
    • Model 115A: External GPIB interface converter only.