EZ-Zone Temperature Controller

EZ-Zone PM User's Manual (pdf, 8.4M)
Provides details about using the temperature controller.

Profile Example for EZ-Zone Controller (zip, 1M)
Teach you how to program a sample profile into the EZ-ZONE controller using the keys of the controller. The documentation files are supplied in Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF formats to allow users to document their EZ-ZONE profile settings.

EZ-Zone Sample 32-bit Modbus Packet (pdf, 36K)
Provides information on how to write a temperature set point and read back the actual chamber temperature. Applicable to RS-232 communications ONLY.

EZ-Zone Communications Manual (pdf, 1.2M)
Provides details on communications with the controller. Programming registers are listed Chapters 6 through 9 of this manual. Applicable to RS-232 communications ONLY.


The above manuals provide general instructions and are not specific to the chamber.

The EZ-Zone PM User's Manual is a general manual and is written by the manufacturer, Watlow, for a wide variety of applications and configurations. Not all features or functions are applicable. Only the capabilities of a model PM6R1CC-2AAAAAA, as described on page 112 of the EZ-Zone PM User's Manual are applicable.

The EZ-Zone Temperature Controller has been properly configured by TestEquity to match the chamber's system requirements and to perform optimally over a wide range of operating conditions. Improper modifications to these setup values can result in erratic performance and unreliable operation. Do not attempt to modify the setup values, unless you thoroughly understand what you are doing. If there is any doubt, please call TestEquity before proceeding.