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Event Outputs and Event Relay Option for the F4 Controller

What are Events?

  • Events allow you to turn devices on or off with the F4 controller.
    • Can be switched manually through the controller’s front panel.
    • Can be switched in a profile step.
    • Can be switched via computer.
  • F4 controller has up to 7 uncommitted outputs which provide an open collector or switched 5VDC signal.
    • Typically used to drive a solid state relay.
    • Rating: OFF: 42 VDC @ 10 µA max. ON: 0.2 VDC @ 50 mA sink max. Internal supply: 5 VDC @ 80 mA
    • No extra charge.

F4 Controller Digital Output Examples

F4 Digital Outputs

What is the Event Relay Option?

  • Solid state relay board with up to 7 relays.
    • Connects to F4 controller's digital outputs.
  • Solid state relays to control remote AC devices.
  • Rated 24 to 240 VAC, 0.05 to 2.5 A each.
  • The solid state relays are just an AC switch. You have to provide the AC voltage source and the solid state relay will switch the source voltage to your load.

Event Option Board