Boost your Efficiency with Quadcore Power

Comprising five powerful models
The NGP800 DC power supply series, comprising five models with 400 W or 800 W, provides maximum power at a variety of operating points. The two or four 200 W out-puts can each supply up to 64 V or up to 20 A. Electrically equivalent and galvanically isolated outputs can be wired in series or parallel for up to 250 V or 80 A. Synchronizing your outputs, performing waveform tests and logging data for in-depth analysis – all this becomes easy with the NGP800 power supply series. 

An intuitive operating concept and a large touchscreen allow you to enter values much faster and to display statis-tics in realtime. All NGP800 power supplies include remote sense terminals, USB and a LAN interface. A user-installable GPIB interface, a digital trigger I/O, an analog input and a wire-less LAN interface are optional, making these instruments great on the bench or in an automated test system.

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Boost your Efficiency with...

Full Flexibility
  • 5" high-resolution touch display
  • FlexPower
  • Four power supplies in a single instrument
  • Parallel and serial operation
Full Safety
  • Protection functions
  • Safety limits
  • Safe working environment
Full Functionality
  • Ramp function
  • Output delay
  • Arbitrary function
  • Remote sensing
  • Built-in measurements
  • Data logging
Full Connectivity
  • Digital remote control
  • Digital trigger I/O
  • Analog input

All models available in this series:


Two-channel power supply, 400 W, 32 V/20 A


Four-channel power supply, 800 W, 32 V/20 A


Four-channel power supply, 800 W, 2 5 32 V/20 A, 2 x 64 V/10 A


Two-channel power supply, 400 W, 64 V/10 A


Four-channel power supply, 800 W, 64 V/10 A

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