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  • $599.99 / EA
    • Drill Down Description: Imaging Moisture Meter
    • Model: MR160
    • Web Meta Description: The FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter is the first moisture meter with a built-in thermal camera
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    $109.99 / EA
    • Drill Down Description: Moisture Meter
    • Model: MO210
    • Web Meta Description: Explore our options for a Extech MO210 Moisture Meter. With various sizes and selections, you are sure to find the perfect solution at TestEquity.
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  • $69.99 / EA
    • Drill Down Description: Moisture Pen + Flashlight
    • Model: MR40
    • Web Meta Description: FLIR MR40 is a pocket-portable, rugged 2-pin, singlescale moisture meter.
  • $699.99 / EA
    • Drill Down Description: Pinless Moisture Pyschrometer
    • Model: MR77
    • Web Meta Description: FLIR MR77 is a rugged, feature-packed moisture meter incorporating a pinless sensor and a wired pin probe.