Yamato DVS-602C Natural Convection Oven

23382.3 MFG #: DVS-602C
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  • Drill Down Description: Natural Convection Oven
  • Model: DVS-602C
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  • Web Meta Description: Yamato DVS-602C YAMATO GRAVITY CONVECTION OVEN, PROGRAMMABLE, MAX 260.C, 162L 5.7 CU FT, 115V 22.5A 50 and 60HZ
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  • Description

    Standard Oven
    DVS-602C, Natural Convection Type


    • Programmable: Yes
    • Operating Temp. Range: Room temp + (41° - 500°F)
    • Time to Reach Max. Temp.: Approximately 90 min.
    • Chamber Size: 5.6 cu.ft.
    • Shelves/Supports Included: 2
    • Max. Shelves: 12
    • External dimensions: 27.6" W x 25.2" D x 34.8" L
    • Additional Features: Fixed Temperature, Quick Auto Stop, Auto Stop, Auto Start, Program Operation, Lock Function, Auto Recovery (after power failure), Calibration offset
    • Heater Power: 1.36kw
    • Power: 115V, 12.5A
    DVS-Series Temperature Curve
    Yamato DVS Oven Temperature Rising Curve

    Programmable natural convection, constant temperature oven with quickly-performed program settings

    Yamato DVS402C and DVS412C are programmable natural convection constant temperature drying ovens incorporating programmable operation functions and enhanced safety features. These are standard type natural convection constant temperature drying ovens with 3.50 Cu Ft interior space, extensive features and simple operation. These ovens do not use fans. Heat rises by natural air convection for a slower heat flow.

    Safety features: Self-diagnostic functions (Temp. sensor abnormal, Heater disconnection, Internal communication error, temperature input circuit abnormality, Automatic overheat prevention function, SSR-short), Overheat prevention and Electric leakage breaker with over current protection.

    Included with DVS-402C and DVS-412C: cable and exhaust ports, two (2) stainless steel metal shelf plate and four (4) shelf brackets.