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Glove Ports (Hand Ports) option for TestEquity Chambers

TestEquity Option 0081 Glove Ports for Models 1016 and 1027. Two 8" glove ports with rubber gloves in the front door to permit handling of test samples with the door closed. The gloves attach to the front with a worm-gear clamp. They can be removed and subtituted with foam port plugs which are included.

The pictures below show the Glove Ports (Hand Ports) installed in a TestEquity Model 1016H Temperature/Humidity Chamber.

Glove Ports with Port Plug in place

Show with port plugs in place of gloves.

Gloves in place

Shown with gloves in place.

Gloves hanging from opened door

Shown with gloves hanging from opened door.

Gloves with door opened

Shown with gloves extended.

Glove Clamp Detail

Glove Clamp Detail

Rubber Gloves

Seamless one-piece construction provides maximum strength and integrity. Butyl gloves are highly impermeable when working with vapors and gases. They also withstand hazardous chemicals such as ketones (MEK and acetone) and esters. Gloves remain flexible in temperatures as low as –40°.