Keysight RF and Microwave Test Accessories, Oscilloscope Probes and Cables

TestEquity stocks an unmatched selection of Keysight RF and Microwave Test Accessories, Oscilloscope Probes and a variety of cables. Find exactly what you need, when you need it, from the right RF accessory, to the probe that will enhance your scope’s performance, or the reliable cable. They are in stock and ready for immediate shipping.


RF and Microwave Test Accessories

Keysight's RF and microwave test accessories simplify test setups and give you the best possible measurement results.

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Keysight Oscilloscope Probes

Oscilloscope Probes

Keysight’s high performance oscilloscope probes are engineered for superior signal access and measurement accuracy. Whether you need simple passive probes, the high bandwidth and low loading of an active probe, or specialty probes for current or high voltage, we can meet your needs.

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Keysight also offers a variety of cables that provide easy and reliable connections. These cables are engineered for high reliability and durability, even under harsh conditions. When you buy Keysight's cables, you can be sure of an automatic, seamless compatibility between computers and the instruments throughout your system.

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