New EXR Series! Higher-Performing Keysight Infiniium Oscilloscopes

EXR Series! Higher-Performing Keysight Infiniium Oscilloscopes

Keysight continues to push oscilloscope design forward to accommodate today’s evolving design and test needs. The Infiniium product line exemplifies unparalleled attention to speed, power and precision, with scopes that combine cutting-edge hardware and a broad, state-of-the-art software suite. All with an easily operated Infiniium user interface.

NEW Infiniium EXR-Series

The new 8-channel Infiniium EXR-Series represents the next step in the evolution of the modern scope, combining exceptional signal integrity, capabilities, instrument integration and speed. The 7-in-1 EXR is the best scope from 500 MHz to 2.5 GHz in the industry today.

Powerful, easy to own and intuitive to use, the Infiniium EXR-Series boasting new features and improved functionalities across the board.

NEW Features:

  • Fault Hunter
  • Digital Voltmeter
  • 10 Digit counter
  • Arbitrary Waveform generator
  • and more...


  • 100 Mpts/ch memory
  • 4 Digit DVM, 10-Digit counter
  • Always-on fast update rate
  • Segmented memory & history mode
  • Eye diagrams & clock recovery
  • 50+ Voltage / timing Meas. FFT
  • 500 GB removable

More Accurate

  • ENOB is equal or higher at every frequency
  • Up to 25% lower noise (as low as 63 μV at 1 GHz)
  • 200x faster Waveform update rate
  • 50x faster eye-diagram building
  • 120x faster Waveform averaging

Model Description Bandwidth Channels Max Sample Rate Downloads
EXR054A Real-Time Oscilloscope 500 MHz 4 16 GSa/s Infiniium EXR-Series Data Sheet
EXR104A Real-Time Oscilloscope 1 GHz 4 16 GSa/s Infiniium EXR-Series Serial Bus Config Sheet
EXR204A Real-Time Oscilloscope 2 GHz 4 16 GSa/s Infiniium EXR-Series Power Integrity Config Sheet
EXR254A Real-Time Oscilloscope 2.5 GHz 4 16 GSa/s EXR-Series SMPS Testing Config. Guide
EXR058A Real-Time Oscilloscope 500 MHz 8 16 GSa/s EXR-Series SMPS Testing Application Note
EXR108A Real-Time Oscilloscope 1 GHz 8 16 GSa/s
EXR208A Real-Time Oscilloscope 2 GHz 8 16 GSa/s
EXR258A Real-Time Oscilloscope 2.5 GHz 8 16 GSa/s
exr switch mode power testing

Switch Mode Power Characterization with Infiniium EXR

Powerful, intuitive to use and easy to own, Keysight’s Infiniium EXR Series oscilloscopes features multiple instruments integrated into a single platform for higher engineering productivity and ease of use. Now you can extend the power of the EXR with software options, a differential probe, and a deskew feature to more quickly and thoroughly characterize switch mode power supplies.

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