Keysight Smart Bench Essentials for Teaching Labs

Keysight is applying its market leadership to new industry-grade hardware with remote connectivity for today’s teaching labs. Cost-effective and available smartly bundled, these instruments offer an intuitive 7” graphical display, premium functionality, and PathWave BenchVue standalone software.

PathWave BenchVue for educators: More teaching. Less troubleshooting.

Keysight’s PathWave BenchVue software gives educators central control of their teaching lab by connecting all the test and measurement instruments over LAN or WLAN.

Education Software Solutions

PW9111EDU– PathWave BenchVue standalone software applications for lab management and control solution

PW9112EDU– PathWave BenchVue standalone software applications for lab operations for remote learning.

Streamline Lab Management and Teaching

  • Setup and configure your instruments based on actual lab lay out including non-Keysight instruments
  • Update firmware to all instruments with a single click
  • Track your lab assets, their calibration, and loaner period status with e-mail notification
  • Control and automate multiple instruments, log data, and analyze data both online and offline

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With Keysight’s latest teaching bundle, you can provide the sophisticated hands-on learning experience your students expect, with the same tools they will use in their careers at half the cost.

Watch now to discover how educators can get the most out of Keysight’s industry-proven test and measurement tools.


EDU36311A Triple-output power supply – Three independent power supplies in one box with clean, reliable power.

  • Low output ripple and noise (<1mVrms)
  • Excellent programming/readback accuracy (0.05%)
  • Excellent line/load regulation (<0.01%)
  • Over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection
  • Includes standalone PathWave BenchVue Power Supply app
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EDU34450A 5.5-Digit Digital MultimeterMeasures 11 different input signals with high accuracy and 5,000 points logging memory.

  • Up to 0.015% basic DCV accuracy
  • 5,000 points logging memory for recording more data and perform analysis
  • USB flash drive support to copy/load configuration for repeated test setup
  • Standard USB and LAN
  • Includes standalone PathWave BenchVue digital multimeter app
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EDU33211A/EDU33212A function generatorsVersatile, feature-rich instruments with built-in modulation and 17 popular waveforms and high signal integrity.

  • 20 MHz bandwidth (single or dual channel)
  • Low output noise and distortion (THD<0.075%)
  • 6-bit arbitrary waveform capability with memory of up to 8 MSa/channel
  • Two independent channels that can be coupled in amplitude and frequency (on dual channel model only)
  • Includes standalone PathWave BenchVue function generator app
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EDUX1052A/EDUX1052G Digital Storage Oscilloscopes - Industry-proven two-channel scopes with multiple instrument integration and built-in training signals that bring professional-grade measurements to the teaching lab

  • 2 analog channels with 50 MHz bandwidth and 1 GSa sample rate to capture the essentials
  • More signal detail at 100,000 waveforms/sec with Keysight MegaZoom IV
  • Standard LAN connectivity and serial bus analysis
  • Waveform Math: Add, subtract, multiply, divide, FFT, low pass filte
  • Built-in training signals help teach capture and analysis
  • EDUX1052G Only: Includes DSOXBODE: Bode Plot DUT and Training Kit included for Free
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