Keysight Function Generators
Trueform Series Waveform and Function Generators

When testing a device, you need a source that produces a clean, low-distortion, stable and reliable signal. Keysight's exclusive Trueform technology gives you the confidence to produce the exact waveforms you need with best-in-class signal fidelity, surpassing the performance of direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology.
With 33500B and 33600A Series Trueform Series Waveform and Function Generators, you can define any waveform shape and any waveform length using point-by-point arbitrary waveform capability.

Anti-aliasing technology ensures your waveforms are exceptionally accurate, and playable at any rate you select. Play signals as defined, at the exact sample rate, without missing short-duration anomalies critical for testing device reliability.

The Trueform Advantage

  • Better signal integrity
    Get the waveform you want, regardless of frequency or sample rate.
  • Lower harmonic distortion
    Measure your design characteristics, not those of your waveform generator.
  • Reduced jitter
    Less jitter gives you exceptionally low phase noise for the most accurate representation of signals.
  • Variable bandwidth noise
    Adjust the bandwidth of the built-in noise generator to control the frequency content of your signal.
  • Waveform summing and combining capability
    You can create dual-tone multifrequency signals without a dual-channel generator. On a two-channel model, you can sum and combine up to four signals.
  • BenchVue enabled
    Intuitively control your waveform generators, build automated tests, and design custom waveforms from your PC.

Trueform Waveform Generators Data Sheet
Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) vs. Trueform Waveform Generators

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Trueform Series Waveform/Function Generators
Model Bandwidth Channels Arbitrary Waveform
33509B 20 MHz 1 Upgradable
33510B 20 MHz 2 Upgradable
33511B 20 MHz 1 Included
33512B 20 MHz 2 Included
33519B 30 MHz 1 Upgradable
33520B 30 MHz 2 Upgradable
33521B 30 MHz 1 Included
33522B 30 MHz 2 Included
33611A 80 MHz 1 Included
33612A 80 MHz 2 Included
33621A 120 MHz 1 Included
33622A 120 MHz 2 Included
USB Modular Waveform Generator
U2761A 20 MHz 1 Included
High Voltage Amplifier
33502A Up to 50Vpp Output @ 100 kHz

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