MicroCare MCC-P02 TidyPen™ 2 Adhesive Remover 10 mL Pen Dispenser

10000830 MFG #: MCC-P02
$12.25 /
  • Color: Clear, Colorless
  • Odor: Strong Citrus
  • Applications: Dissolves and lifts away labels, glues and adhesives of all kinds, Great on almost any sticky residue, Zips away adhesives, tape residue and pressure sensitive marking tags, Works on paper labels, sti
  • Boiling Point: 213°C / 415°F
  • Compliant Specifications: Compliant in all 50 US States
  • Drill Down Description: TidyPen™ 2 Adhesive Remover, 10 mL Pen Dispenser
  • ESD Safe: Yes
  • Flash Point: >70°C / >158°F
  • Keywords: Tidy Pen
  • Model: MCC-P02
  • Ozone Safe: Yes
  • Reach: REACH & ELINCS Compliant
  • RoHS Compliance: Yes
  • VOCs: Organic Content (g/L) 95

The 60-Second Sticky Stuff Remover

  • Description
  • Each pen dispenses a precise quantity of a powerful, natural cleaner
  • Dries without residue or ghosting
  • No messy applications or spills
  • Penetrates quickly, dissolving and removing adhesives and glues of all kinds
  • ESD-safe aluminum barrel, suitable for use around electronics
  • Unbreakable and spill-proof
  • Easily recycled
  • Natural, non-toxic biodegradable citrus-based cleaning fluid
  • Orange citrus scent
  • Slow-drying, for maximum cleaning

The TidyPen2 is a strong adhesive cleaning fluid packaged in a convenient, portable pen. Removes anything sticky including adhesives, labels, grease, oils, solder flux and tape residue. Easy to use, the TidyPen2 dispenses fluid when pressed onto a surface ensuring the fluid is used effectively with no waste to eliminate messy applications, spills, odors and fumes.