Kester 300103 TSF-6502 JCR No-Clean Tacky Soldering Flux 30 Gram Syringe

142-179 MFG #: 300103
$51.00 /
  • Flux Type: No-Clean Tacky Solder
  • Container Size: 30
  • Container Size UOM: g
  • Container Type: Syringe
  • Description Price Table: Tacky Soldering Flux, 30 Gram Syringe
  • Drill Down Description: TSF-6502 JCR No-Clean Tacky Soldering Flux, 30 Gram Syringe
  • Model: 300103
  • Primary Keyword: No-Clean No-Clean Tacky Soldering Flux
  • S3 Page Number Text: 276, 280, 422, 452, 486
  • S3 Product Index: 142-179
  • Type: No Clean

  • Description
  • Contains halogen
  • For lead free applications
  • Stencil life: 8 hours (process dependent)
  • Excellent printing characteristics to <16mil pitch
  • Leaves bright/shiny solder joints after reflow
  • Can reflow in air or nitrogen environments
  • Classified as ROL1 per J-STD-004
  • Compliant to Bellcore GR-78

Kester TSF-6502 is a no-clean tacky soldering flux formula that possesses a high activity level, allowing it to solder nickel surfaces. The robust wetting action of TSF-6502 will allow OSP treated copper, as well as heavily oxidized copper, surfaces to exhibit good soldering properties, even after 2 or 3 thermal cycles. Following reflow, TSF-6502 will leave aesthetically pleasing clear residues on the assembly. TSF-6502 is designed for a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.