Sorensen XPF60-20DP DC Power Supply 420W Powerflex XPF Series

16511.5 MFG #: XPF60-20DP
$2,177.00 / EA
  • Drill Down Description: DC Power Supply, 420W Powerflex, XPF Series
  • Model: XPF60-20DP
  • Web Meta Description: DC Power Supplies by Sorensen avaliable now from Jensen Tools
  • UNSPSC: 39121009

  • Description
  • 0-60 V, 20 A or 420 W max. each output
  • Dual isolated outputs
  • Constant voltage or constant current
  • Coarse & fine voltage controls
  • Switching pre-regulator, linear post-regulator
  • Remote sensing
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Power factor correction
  • S-Lock, allows front panel setting to be locked
  • Ouput Range Control, allows greater resolution of knob controls
  • V-Track, allows the two outputs to remain electrically isolated, but the voltage control of the Master output sets an identical voltage on the Slave output
  • RS-232, USB, GPIB, LAN (XPF60-20DP only)
  • 3-Year warranty

Sorensen XPF Series DC Power Supply DatasheetA different type of bench power supply The XPF Series from Sorensen is a new type of bench power supply designed to meet the need for flexibility in the choice of voltage and current. Today's engineers often need a wide voltage range capability and a high current capability. Normally, however, the maximum voltage and maximum current are not required simultaneously. A conventional bench power supply has a fixed current limit giving a power capability that reduces directly with the output voltage.
PowerFlex design
The PowerFlex design of the XPF Series enables higher currents to be generated at lower voltages within an overall power limit envelope. Each output can provide twice as much current as a conventional power supply of the same maximum voltage and power (see the power curve for each model). This is achieved by using the latest switch-mode technology. Advanced techniques are used to achieve noise and RFI figures comparable with linear power supplies. As a result the XPF Series can be used with confidence in sensitive environments.
Twin independent outputs
The XPF Series are dual output power supplies with two completely independent and isolated outputs. The outputs operate in constant voltage or constant current mode with automatic crossover and mode indication. Each output has its own on-off switch. If required, the outputs can be wired in series or parallel to achieve up to double the maximum voltage or double the maximum current. Precision adjustment and metering The XPF Series incorporates separate high resolution voltage and current meters for each output using large bright LED displays. Coarse and fine controls permit the output voltage to be set within 10mV. The current limit control is logarithmic to give good resolution at low current settings. When each output switch is set to 'OFF', the meters display the set levels. This enables voltage and current levels to be set accurately before connection to the load. Switchable remote sense terminals are provided to allow the effects of connection lead resistance to be eliminated.
The XPF60-20D incorporates S-Lock. One press of the Lock button transfers control of voltage and current from the analog controls to internal digital circuitry. This offers not just complete security, but exceptional stability as well with each setting controlled by an instrumentation quality DAC.
Output Range Control provides greater resolution of the front panel knob controls when operating in lower ranges.
Safety and Protection The XPF Series from Sorensen is designed and manufactured to meet the latest safety and EMCstandards. It incorporates full active power factor correction (PFC) which substantially reduces the levels of harmonic current taken from the ac line supply. Comprehensive protection includes an adjustable overvoltage trip for each output.