Keithley 2302 Battery Simulating Power Supply

19165.1 MFG #: 2302
$3,620.00 /
  • Amps: 5
  • Voltage: 15
  • Watts: 60
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: Battery Simulating Power Supply
  • Model: 2302
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  • Description

    0-15V Output Current: 0-4V: 5A max. >4V: IMAX = 60W/(VOUT +6) Ultrafast response to transient load currents Optimized for development and testing of battery-powered devices Variable output resistance for simulating battery response (Patented) Pulse peak, average, and baseline current measurements 100nA DC current sensitivity Current step measure function Sink up to 3A Open sense lead detection Built-in digital voltmeter GPIB InterfaceKeithley 2302 Battery Simulator was designed specifically for development and test applications of portable, battery-operated products, such as cellular and cordless telephones, mobile radios, and pagers. These precision power supplies have ultrafast transient response so they can have output characteristics identical to actual batteries. These supplies employ a unique variable output resistance so the voltage output can emulate a battery's response (U.S. Patent No. 6,204,647). They provide stable voltage outputs, even when a device-under-test (DUT) makes the rapid transition from the standby (low current) state to the RF transmission (high current) state. In addition, they can monitor DUT power consumption by measuring both DC currents and pulse load currents. Keithley 2302 can be programmed to operate like a discharged rechargeable battery, sinking current from a separate charger.