Instek PEL-2002A 4-Slot Mainframe

19269.2 MFG #: PEL-2002A
$1,090.00 / EA
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: 4-Slot Mainframe
  • Model: PEL-2002A
  • Product Code: Instek
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  • S3 Part Number: 19269.2


  • Description

    • Multiple independent load inputs up to 8 channels in a mainframe
    • Sequence function to enable complex load simulations
    • Flexible configuration with mainframes and plug-in modules
    • Parallel connection of inputs for increased load capacity
    • Parallel connection of inputs for static and dynamic tests
    • Multiple channels run for dynamic tests under one clock control
    • Maximum rated power for low range high resolution CC tests
    • Program mode to create work routines for repetitive tests
    • OPP/OCP/OVP/OTP protections
    • External channel control/monitoring via an analog control connector
    • USB Device/Host and RS-232C interface included
    • Optional GPIB
    • Multi-mainframe link up to 5 mainframes in a system
    • backward-compatible with existing PEL-2000 products

    Taiwan Excellence Award Winner!

    The PEL-2004A and PEL-2002A are multiple channel, programmable DC electronic loads with a modularized structure.

    The PEL-2000A Series includes two types of mainframes and 4 types of load modules to accommodate users' requirements in a flexible manner. Any load module combination can be used with a mainframe to tailor a test system based on the number of channels, the maximum load power, voltage, and current of each channel. Multiple loads can be connected in parallel to provide a higher-power load. This flexibility significantly reduces the investment needed for future projects that have different power requirements.

    The PEL-2004A is a 4-slot mainframe with a master control unit to hold 4 load modules, while PEL-2002A is a 2-slot mainframe with master control unit to hold 2 load modules. When the PEL-2004A is configured with 4 load modules rated at 350W each, the PEL-2002A is able to sink up to 1.4kW of power.

    For higher load capacities, mainframes can be linked together in parallel with standard MIL 20-pin connectors. A maximum of 5 mainframes, including one master and 4 slaves can be chained together to create a total load capacity of 7kW for high current and high power applications. Using 4 dual channel load modules, the PEL-2004A is able to test 8 power supply outputs simultaneously.

    The Sequence function allows each channel to change its load sink according to a predefined sequence at a rate of up to 100 s per step. Each sequence is able to run concurrently under the control of one clock. This is one of the most powerful features of the PEL-2000A Series as it is able to realistically simulate a multi-output power supply load. Under Dynamic mode, the load current or load resistance pulses between two preset levels at a pre-defined speed of up to 25 seconds per step. This is often used as the standard test procedure to verify the response of a power supply to quick load changes. Most remarkably, multiple load channels can be connected in parallel to run Dynamic tests synchronously under a single clock. This Parallel Dynamic functionality gives the flexibility to perform dynamic tests for a high-power power supply without the need of another high-power load.