Instek PSW 80-40.5 Multi-Range DC Power Supply

19360.1 MFG #: PSW 80-40.5
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  • Drill Down Description: Multi-Range DC Power Supply
  • Model: PSW 80-40.5
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  • Description

    Series Key Features

    • Voltage Rating: 0 to 80 V
    • Current Rating: 0 to 40.5 Amps
    • Output Power: 1080 W maximum (Volts x Amps cannot exceed 1080 W)
    • Constant Power Output for Multiple Range (V&I) Operation
    • CV/CC Priority; Particularly Suitable for the Battery and LED Industry
    • Adjustable Slew Rate
    • Series and Parallel Operation: (2 units in Series / 3 units in Parallel Maximum)
    • High Efficiency and High Power Density
    • Standard Interface: LAN, USB, Analog Control Interface
    • GPIB-USB Adapter (Optional)
    • LabVIEW Driver

    Programmable Switching DC Power Supply
    The PSW PSW 80-40.5 is a single output multi-range programmable switching DC Power Supply with a power output of 1080 watts. The multi-range feature allows the flexible and efficient configuration of voltage and current within its power range. As with all PSW-Series power supplies, the PSW PSW 80-40.5 can be connected in series for maximum 2 units, or in parallel for maximum 3 units   increasing their capacity for higher voltage or higher current output. With the flexibility of multi-range power utilization and series/parallel connection, the PSW PSW 80-40.5 can significantly reduce your investment in various power supplies as it can accommodate projects with different power requirements.

    The PSW PSW 80-40.5 is a regulated switching DC power supply producing 0 to 80 volts and 0 to 40.5 amperes. It operates in Constant Current (CC) mode or Constant Voltage (CV) mode within a wide operating range. The CV/CC priority selection of the PSW-Series is a very useful feature for DUT protection. The conventional power supply normally operates under CV mode when the power output is turned on. This could bring a high inrush current to the capacitive load or current-intensive load at the power output-on stage.

    The operation area of each power supply is determined by the rated output power as well as the voltage and current rating. The figures of operation area and rated power output for all PSW-Series models are shown below.

    Includes: User's Manual (printed & CD), PSW-004 Basic Accessories Kit*. Power cord is NOT included.
    * PSW-004 includes: M4 Terminal screws and washers (2), Air Filter, Analog control protection dummy, Analog control lock lever, M8 terminal bolts, nuts and washers (2).

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