Keysight U8903B/STD High Performance Audio Analyzer

22833.2 MFG #: U8903B/STD
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  • Drill Down Description: High Performance Audio Analyzer
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  • Model: U8903B/STD
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  • Web Meta Description: Keysight U8903B tests ultra-low distortion devices w/low residual distortion of less than 110 dB, w/ accurate harmonics, noise.

U8903B STD

  • Description

    • Low residual distortion of < –110 dB to measure ultra-low distortion devices
    • Wide measurement bandwidth: measure at DC from 10 Hz to 96 kHz or 1.5 MHz (w/ wide bandwidth opt N3431A)
    • Real time measurement
    • Flexible configuration (pre-configured options available, with digital options to come)
    • Enables high-performance Bluetooth audio testing
    • Test sequence function to implement automatic audio test
    • Speech and audio quality measurements with Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Assessment (POLQA)
    • Characterize S/N ratios, SINAD, IMD, DFD, +N ratio, THD+N level, crosstalk and more
    • Apply weighing functions, standard filters and custom filters, customize notch filter features
    • Stimulate the device with high-quality signals and arbitrary waveforms
    • View numerical and graphical displays of measurement results
    • Connect to a PC through GPIB, LAN/LXI C and USB interfaces
    • Three-year warranty
    • Video Intro

    Designed to meet your application needs
    The Keysight U8903B audio analyzer will allow you to make multi-functional and high-performance audio measurements. The fully-configurable U8903B is the next-generation successor to the U8903A and can test ultra-low distortion devices with a low residual distortion of < –110 dB, and accurately measure harmonics and noise over 1.5 MHz with its wide measurement bandwidth. Additionally, the U8903B comes with added POLQA capability in along with two-channel wideband analog analyzer functions. The U8903B audio analyzer, you gives you a test solution that is configurable to meet your specific application needs for audio and beyond.

    Enables high-performance Bluetooth audio testing
    The Bluetooth option enables the U8903B to make high-performance Bluetooth audio testing for R&D, quality assurance and production tests in the consumer and professional audio and wireless communication industries.

    Configurable measurement channels and wide bandwidth
    The U8903B audio analyzer can be configured to 4, 6 or 8 analog analyzer channels. The instrument is capable of simultaneous measurement, which transforms the U8903B into a multichannel analyzer, and also allows class-D amplifier measurement, eliminating the need for external filters. With the wide bandwidth option, the U8903B allows engineers to analyze the switching in the op amp when the frequency response sweeps from 20 Hz to 1 MHz. The FFT plot in the audio analyzer allows engineers to understand the system flatness, transition band, and phase of the op amp over frequency.

    Advanced features allow for audio performance measurements with greater ease:

    • Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Assessment (POLQA)
      POLQA (ITU-T P.863) is the next-generation voice quality test technology.
    Keysight U8903B Programmable filters
    Notch is an available filter in analyzer mode
    • Low residual distortion
      The U8903B features extremely low residual distortion and noise. See Data Sheet for specifications.
    • Programmable filters
      You can create custom filters using the MATLAB software, and upload them onto the U8903B.
    • Test sequence control
      Create a flexible and easy-to-use interface that automates testing, turning the U8903B into an automatic tester.
    • Zoom screen/Dual display
      The dual-window zoom function top screen displays the original signal, while the bottom screen displays the enlarged signal trace. And you can view both the FFT plot and time domain signal trace on the same display screen.
    • HP 8903B mode
      HP8903B Mode is included to help transition to the new generation of audio analyzers.