Keithley 708B Switch Matrix Mainframe

23053.1 MFG #: 708B
$5,160.00 / EA
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: Switch Matrix Mainframe
  • Model: 708B
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  • S3 Part Number: 23053.1

  • Description

    Semiconductor Switching Matrices

    • Model 707B
      • 6-Slot
      • up to 576 Crosspoints
    • Model 708B
      • Single-Slot
      • up to 96 Crosspoints
    • Significantly faster command-to-connect speeds than earlier mainframes
    • Controls up to six 8x12 matrix cards
    • Compatible with the most popular plug-in cards designed for the 707A/708A mainframes
    • Support for both remote (via LXI, USB, and GPIB interfaces) and manual (via front panel) programming
    • Integrates seamlessly with the Model 4200-SCS for semiconductor I-V and C-V characterization via GPIB interface
    • Stores hundreds of switching configurations and channel patterns in non-volatile memory for reuse
    • LXI Class C interface supports remote programming and control
    • Embedded TSP® processor and TSP-Link® interface make it easy to integrate Series 2600A System SourceMeter® instruments into a high speed, self-contained tester
    • 14 bits of digital I/O

    New Features and Improved Performance
    The six-slot Model 707B and single-slot Model 708B switch mainframes extend Keithley's decades-long commitment to innovation in switch systems optimized for semiconductor test applications. These large-format mainframes build upon the strengths of their popular predecessors, the Models 707/707A and 708/708A, adding new features and capabilities designed to speed and simplify system integration and test development. New control options and interfaces offer system builders even greater flexibility when configuring high performance switching systems for use in both lab and production environments. Just as important, both new mainframes are compatible with the most popular large-format switch cards developed for the Models 707A and 708A, simplifying and minimizing the cost of switch system migration.

    Product Information CD-ROM: Product Information, CD Quick Start Guide, Switching and Control, Product Information, CD Test Script Builder, User Suite CD, CA-180-4A: CAT 5 Ethernet Crossover Cable, 1m (3.3 ft), CA-179-2A: CAT 5 Ethernet Cable, 3m (10 ft), CO-7: Line Cord, Front Rack Mount Kit, Rear Fixed Rack Mount Kit (707B).