Hioki IM3536 LCR Meter

24074.1 MFG #: IM3536
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  • Drill Down Description: LCR Meter
  • Model: IM3536
  • Web Meta Description: Hioki IM3536 LCR Meter is ideal for production line testing as well as R&D.
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  • Description

    High precision. High speed. High reliability.

    • 4 Hz to 8 MHz measurement frequency
    • Guaranteed accuracy: 1 mΩ to 200 MΩ
    • Measurement time: 1 ms (0.001 sec.)
    • High-precision measurement of ±0.05% rdg. (representative value)
    • DC bias function: Measure under conditions simulating actual use or in accordance with industry standards
    • Performs tests with multiple conditions using its continuous measurement function
    • Contact check function for improved test quality
    • Requires separately-purchased measurement probe or test fixture
    • One-year warranty

    Ideal for R&D using a broad range of measurement conditions or for real-world evaluations.
    The IM3536 raises the industry standard for general-purpose LCR meters by offering a wide DC and 4 Hz to 8 MHz testing frequency while delivering 0.05% accuracy, ideal for evaluating the characteristics of next generation electronic components, including power supply inductors thanks to the instrument's maximum measurement frequency of 8 MHz. The IM3536 LCR Meter's exceptional specifications and cost-performance make it ideal for a wide range of applications, from R&D to production lines.

    Perform two jobs with one instrument: Continuous measurement function
    Example: You wish to perform L-Q measurement of a power supply's impedance at 1 kHz as well as DC resistance (DCR) measurement. The IM3536 lets you perform high-speed, continuous measurement using different conditions with a single LCR meter.

    Guaranteed accuracy range from 1 MΩ
    The IM3536 delivers a guaranteed accuracy range that starts at 1 MΩ. Furthermore, the frequency band has been expanded to 8 MHz, broadening the array of measurement targets with which it can be used.

    Memory function and USB flash drive support
    Save 32000 measurement results, copy them to a USB flash drive, and load them onto a computer. You can then open the measurement data using a spreadsheet to analyze variations and manage test data.

    Residual charge protection function
    The IM3536 features an enhanced residual charge protection function that is designed to protect the IM3536 LCR Meter's internal circuitry from a capacitor discharge voltage in the event a charged capacitor is inadvertently connected to a measurement terminal.

    Included: power cord, instruction manual and LCR Application Disc with Communication commands user manual.