CircuitMedic 115-1322 Circuit Bond Epoxy Kit

246SO132 MFG #: 115-1322
$144.95 / PK
  • Description Price Table: EK-10 Epoxy Kit
  • Drill Down Description: Circuit Bond Epoxy Kit
  • Model: 115-1322
  • S3 Page Number Text: 312, 318, 472, 504, 544
  • S3 Product Index: 416-794

  • Description
  • Two-compartment packaging eliminates mixing errors
  • High strength/high temperature epoxy withstands demanding physical environments
  • Epoxy is clear, can be tinted with coloring agents
  • Includes Foam Swabs and Alcohol Swabs for preparation and cleaning
  • Includes Micro Probes, ideal for dispensing a tiny volume of epoxy

Epoxy kit is designed for use on circuit boards to repair minor board surface damage, to replace solder mask, to overcoat circuits material to repair delamination. Epoxy kit includes premeasured packages of epoxy, mixing sticks, mixing cups, and foam swabs.

Circuit Technology Epoxy Kit EK-10 Safety Datasheet