B&K Precision 8616 Programmable DC Electronic Load, 0-500V, 0-60A, 1200W, 3U Rack, 8600 Series

25610.1 MFG #: 8616
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  • Drill Down Description: Programmable DC Electronic Load, 0-500V, 0-60A, 1200W, 3U Rack, 8600 Series
  • Model: 8616
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  • Series: 8600 Series
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8610, 8612, 8614, 8616

  • Description

    BK Precision 8600 Series Features and Benefits
    • Voltage range up to 500 V
    • Current range up to 720 A
    • CC/CV/CR/CW operating modes
    • 16-bit voltage and current measurement system providing 1 mV / 0.1 mA resolution
    • Transient mode up to 25 kHz in CC mode
    • List mode function
    • Store and recall up to 100 setups
    • Adjustable slew rate in CC mode
    • Flexible triggering options via front panel, external input, timer, or bus
    • Built-in battery test function with voltage level, capacity level, and timer stop conditions
    • Test modes to validate the OCP/OPP protection functions of a power supply
    • CR-LED mode to simulate the loading behavior of typical LEDs
    • Remote sense
    • Analog current control and monitoring
    • Thermostatically controlled fan
    • Standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS232, and GPIB interfaces supporting SCPI commands for remote control
    • OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP including local and remote reverse voltage (LRV/RRV) protection

    8600 Series Programmable DC Electronic Loads

    Operating Voltage0-120V0-120V0-500V0-120V0-500V0-120V0-500V0-120V0-500V0-120V0-120V
    Rated Current0-30A0-60A0-15A0-120A0-30A0-240A0-60A0-480A0-100A0-600A0-720A
    Form Factor2U 1/22U 1/22U 1/23U3U3U3U3U3U6U6U

    The 8600 Series programmable DC electronic loads provide the performance of modular system DC electronic loads in a compact benchtop form factor. With fast transient operation speeds up to 25 kHz, and high 16-bit measurement resolution and accuracy, these DC loads can be used for testing and evaluating a variety of DC sources such as DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, batteries, battery chargers, and photovoltaic arrays.

    The DC loads can operate in constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), or constant power (CW) mode and be configured to provide a dynamically changing load to the DC source with fast load switching times. Versatile internal, external, and remote triggering options allow the dynamic load behavior to be synchronized with other events.

    Increase productivity by saving your test parameters into any one of the 100 memory areas for quick system recall. All load parameters such as voltage, current, slew rate, and width can be set via the front panel or programmed remotely. The 8600 Series provides standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), GPIB, or RS-232 serial interfaces for remote communication.

    To ensure the reliability of your testing, the 8600 Series provides a power-on system self-test and numerous protection features: overtemperature (OTP), overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP), overpower (OPP), and local/remote reverse voltage (LRV/RRV) protection.

    The 8600 Series provides a built-in battery test mode to measure the ampere-hour (Ah) characteristic of a battery and a unique CR-LED mode to simulate the loading behavior of a typical LED.

    Includes: user's manual, power cord, certificate of calibration & test report.