Chroma 19056 Hipot Analyzer

25803.1 MFG #: 19056
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  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: Hipot Analyzer
  • Model: 19056
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  • S3 Part Number: 25803.1

  • Description

    • 10 kV AC & 20 kV DC withstand voltage test
    • 0.1 MΩ to 50GΩ insulation impedance test
    • BDV (BreakDown Voltage test)
    • HVCC (High Voltage Contact Check)
    • HFCC (High Frequency Contact Check)
    • OSC (Open Short Check)
    • GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt)human protection circuit
    • Fast charge/discharge function
    • Programmable output & test limit
    • Standard RS-232 interface
    • Optional GPIB & Handler interface
    • Key lock function
    • CE Mark

    The Chroma 19056 and 19057 Hipot Analyzers are especially designed for testing and analyzing ultra-high withstand voltage. The 19056 and 19057 specifications include 10 kVac/12 kVdc/20 kVdc with maximum AC 20mA/DC 10mA output. They can perform AC/DC withstand voltage and insulation resistance tests with contact check during production line testing. In addition to the patented OSC (Open Short Check), High Voltage Contact Check is added to test components with high insulation capability.

    The Chroma 19056/19057 with GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) are designed to protect operator's safety when abnormal ground current (A2-A1) occurs.

    These Hipot Analyzers provides high withstand voltage test and analysis for optical couplers, HV relays, HV switches and PV modules that have better insulation capability.

    Charge and discharge are required for capacitive components when doing DC withstand voltage test. The Hipot Analyzers have fast charge function that can increase the production test efficiency.

    The 19056 and 19057 Hipot Analyzers have Flashover (ARC) detection functionality. During testing, when a defect is detected, the 19056/19057 will show the withstanding voltage to indicate the Flashover Start Voltage (FSV) or BreakDown Voltage (BDV) respectively. In addition, an oscilloscope can be connected to check the waveform during analysis. The R&D engineers can perform product analysis utilizing the test results to improve component insulation.

    Chroma 19056 and 19057 Hipot Analyzers

    Model 19056 19057 19058
    Output Voltage AC: 0.1 to 10kV DC: 0.1 to 12kV DC: 0.1 to 20kV
    Voltage Accuracy 1% of reading + 0.1% of full scale 1.5% of reading + 0.1% of full scale
    Cutoff Current 0.001 to 20mA 0.0001 to 10mA 0.0001 to 5 mA
    Current Resolution AC: 1 μA DC: 0.1 μA
    Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz  
    Waveform Sine wave  
    Output Voltage (ins. test)   DC : 0.1 to 5kV

    Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications

    Included: power cord, 3PIN to 2PIN power adapter, HV terminal test cable, two (2) low contact test cables, 6.3A Fuse, quick start guide, 19" Rack Mount, and user's manual CD