Keysight 6813C/230/831 Performance AC Power Source

26755.1 MFG #: 6813C/230/831
$14,103.00 / EA
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: Performance AC Power Source
  • Keywords: 68132B, 68132C, 6800 Series
  • Model: 6813C/230/831
  • Output VA [Volt: 1750 VA
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  • Web Meta Description: Keysight 6813C 1750 VA AC power source/analyzer comes standard with LXI-LAN, USB and GPIB IO connectivity, allowing for convenient setup and easy communication to PC controller and other instruments.

  • Description

    • Single-phase output
    • Maximum AC output: 1750 VA
    • AC voltage range: 0 to 300 Vrms
    • AC Current: RMS: 13 A; Peak: 80 A
    • DC voltage range: +/-425 V
    • DC Current: RMS: 10 A
    • DC Power capacity: 1350 W
    • LAN/LXI Core, USB and GPIB
    • Extensive DUT protection features
    • Accurately analyze your AC power environment with integrated waveform generation and harmonic capabilities
    • Increase your productivity with extensive built-in power measurement capabilities.
    • Integrated transient waveform generation capabilities to simulate your AC environment
    • Drop-in replacement with same form, fit and function as the 6813B
    • Three-year warranty
    • 6812C/230/831: 191-254VAC (230 VAC nominal) input voltage and 12 AWG unterminated line cord

    Ease of use with flexible IO and and RoHS Compliance
    Keysight 6813C 1750 VA AC power source/analyzer comes standard with LXI-LAN, USB and GPIB IO connectivity, allowing for convenient setup and easy communication to PC controller and other instruments.

    Provides a Complete AC and DC Power and Measurement Solution
    The Keysight 6813C is ideal for applications such as power supply testing, UPS testing, avionics ATE, the testing of power factor corrected equipment and devices. Set up is made easy with the Graphical User Interface, which requires no programming. The Keysight 6813C provides a complete AC and DC power and measurement solution with extensive features to protect valuable DUTs.

    Save space on a lab bench or in a test rack with this flexible instrument. With the built-in power analyzer, this AC Power Source/Power Analyzer combines the capabilities of a multimeter, oscilloscope, harmonic analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, and power analyzer all in one device. This instrument may also be used to produce DC power, either alone or as a DC offset to an AC waveform. An optional second power analyzer is available, which can be used independently from the source, or for dual-node measurements such as power supply input/output efficiency tests.

    Powerful Built-in Measurement Capabilities
    Keysight 6813C AC power source/analyzer has extensive 16-bit precision measurement capabilities which would normally require a number of complex measurement instruments, including a DMM (digital multimeter), oscilloscope, power analyzer, and harmonic analyzer. The precision measurements include:

    • rms, DC, AC + DC voltage and current
    • Peak voltage and current
    • Real, apparent, and reactive power
    • Harmonic analysis of voltage and current waveforms providing amplitude and phase up to the 50th harmonic
    • THD (total harmonic distortion)
    • Triggered acquisition of digitized voltage and current

    UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) Testing
    The dual power analyzer option provides many important benefits for UPS testing. Since the key to correct UPS operation is having the output react properly to changes on the input, being able to monitor the output relative to the input simplifies testing. For example, commands are available to enable calculation of UPS transfer time, and the phase difference between the UPS input and output voltage. Keysight AC power source/analyzers also have programmable output impedance, enabling the UPS designer to verify product stability over a wide range of AC line impedance.

    Test Suite for Avionics Equipment
    Keysight AC power source/analyzers are ideal for testing equipment intended for use in the avionics industry which operate at nominally 400 Hz. One of the special requirements that many manufacturers in this industry must concern themselves with is testing to meet RTCA DO-160 standards, which involve both AC and DC immunity tests.

    Extensive Protection to Prevent Load Damage
    In addition to overcurrent, overvoltage, overpower and overtemperature protection, the 6800C Series offers output disconnect relays and remote inhibit capability (quickly disabling the output of the AC power source/analyzers via a TTL signal) to protect the device under test.

    The 6813C is well-suited for manufacturing and testing of AC powered electronics, AC-DC power supplies, Military/Commercial avionics electronics and UPS/Line conditioners. You can easily perform:

    • Static testing, generating and measuring voltage, frequency, and line current
    • Dynamic testing and generating AC line transients for limit testing and design verification
    • Specialty testing and measuring current harmonic content and creating custom AC power waveforms
    • Precompliance regulatory testing and measuring current harmonics, voltage fluctuations and flicker emissions and generating voltage and frequency disturbances and interharmonics
    • Computers, home appliances, audio and video equipment, heating/cooling controls, relays, transformers, power components, fire alarms, ballasts, compact fluorescent bulbs, motors and much more

    Dual Power Analyzer Option 020
    The 6813C's powerful built-in power analyzer provides everything that you need to make AC measurements at the AC input to your DUT. For many test scenarios, this is the extent of the AC analysis required. Some test scenarios, however, require AC measurements to be made at both the AC input and the AC output of the DUT. Option 020 provides an additional power analyzer, complete with a precision current shunt, which can be connected anywhere you need it. This second analyzer can even be used for tests where the AC power source/analyzer is not providing power, thus expanding the usefulness of this instrument to many more test configurations. The additional analyzer is equivalent in specifications and capabilities to the standard analyzer. Some examples of Examples Dual Power Analyzer Applications include complete UPS testing, efficient power supply/source and transformer testing and line disturbances.