Aim-TTi CPX200D DC Power Supply

26825.1 MFG #: CPX200D
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  • Model: CPX200D
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  • Description

    Dual output: 2 x (0 to 60 V / 0 to 10 A); 180 W x 2 max. Constant voltage or constant current operation Isolated outputs can be wired in series or parallel for 120V or 20A Constant voltage or constant current operation Settings Locking (S-Lock) PowerFlex or fixed-range operation Variable OVP trips 4-digit fixed resolution meters; selectable remote sensing Compact 1/2-rack 3U case RS232, USB, GPIB & LXI compliant LAN along with rear terminals (CPX200DP) Three-year warranty

    Medium power and dual outputs
    The CPX200D and CPX200DP are the latest variants of the CPX series and replace the best-selling CPX200.PowerFlex regulation enables the 360 watts of total power to be configured to suit each specific application. The two 180 watt outputs can each supply up to 60 volts or up to 10 amps. Isolated tracking enables the outputs to be wired in series or parallel while controlled from a single voltage adjustment for up to 120 volts or 20 amps.

    Analog controls with digital stability offered by S-Lock
    Although digital controls suit many instruments, they do not necessarily suit a bench power supply. The CPX200D and CPX200DP offer the speed and simplicity of conventional analog controls for setting voltage and current. Digital controls may offer greater precision, The main disadvantage of analog controls is stability and security. The settings of analog potentiometers can drift over time. More importantly, the settings can be changed accidentally with potentially serious consequences. The CPX series incorporates S-Lock. One press of the Lock button transfers control of voltage and current from the analog controls to internal digital circuitry. This offers not just complete security, but exceptional stability as well with each setting controlled by an instrumentation quality DAC.

    Isolated voltage tracking for maximum flexibility
    The two outputs of the CPX200D and CPX200DP are completely independent and electrically isolated from each other. With V-Track selected, the two outputs remain electrically isolated, but the voltage control of the Master output sets an identical voltage on the Slave output. This enables the user to create two rails of either polarity and to reference them to different grounds if necessary (e.g. digital ground and analog ground). Alternatively the outputs can be wired in series or parallel to create a voltage capability up to 120V or a current capability up to 40A with the voltage set using a single control.

    Independent and simultaneous output control
    The Both On/Both Off button is in addition to the individual switches for each output, and allow both outputs to be turned on or off synchronously by a single button press. Synchronous switching of the outputs is of increasing importance for circuitry which can be damaged if one voltage rail is present without the other.

    Precision metering and remote sense
    Separate voltage and current meters on each output give a resolution of 10mV and 10mA. The fixed resolution avoids the misinterpretation of readings that can occur with auto-ranging 3 or 3-1/2 digit meters where the decimal point position moves as the reading changes. Coarse and fine voltage controls are provided. The current control is logarithmic enabling low current levels to be set accurately. A View Settings button enables limit settings to be checked and adjusted at any time. Each output incorporates remote sense terminals that can be enabled or disabled at the flick of a switch. Remote sensing is essential for maintaining precise regulation at the load and true metering of the load voltage.

    CPX200DP rear view

    CPX200DP: Remote control via GPIB, RS-232, USB and LAN interfaces
    The CPX200DP offers full remote control and read-back using RS-232, USB, GPIB or LAN (compliant with LXI class C). All interfaces are at ground potential and opto-isolated from the output terminals. Note: Remote/Local Sense, is manually selectable only. Additionally, An IVI driver for Windows is supplied with the CPX200DP. This provides support for common applications such as LabView, LabWindows, HPVEE etc.

    AIM-TTi CPX TerminalsSafety binding-post terminals
    All CPX series power supplies are fitted with the new TTi designed output terminals. As well as acting as conventional binding posts for bare wires, spade connectors, or standard 4mm plugs, these can accept a 4mm safety plug with rigid insulating sleeve, a requirement specified by an increasing number of laboratories for safety reasons. Limited opening length combined with raised insulated shoulders also make these terminals "touch proof" for voltages up to 250V.