Keysight DAQM907A Multifunction Module

26965.1 MFG #: DAQM907A
$598.00 / EA
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: Multifunction Module
  • Keywords: DASQ970A, DAQ973A
  • Model: DAQM907A
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  • Web Meta Description: Keysight DAQM907A allows great flexibility for a variety of sense and control applications.

  • Description

    • 16 bits of digital input and output
    • 100 kHz totalizer input
    • Two ±12 V analog outputs or ±24 mA outputs
    • Includes Certificate of Calibration

    Keysight DAQM907A allows great flexibility for a variety of sense and control applications. It combines two 8-bit ports of digital input and output, a 100 kHz gated totalizer, and two ±12 V or ±24 mA analog outputs - all on a single earth-referenced module. The digital inputs and totalizer input may be included in a scan. Alarm limits for the digital and event counter inputs are evaluated continuously, capturing and logging alarm conditions even between scans.

    Digital Input/Output
    Use the digital outputs with an external power supply to control microwave switches and attenuators, solenoids, power relays, indicators, and more. Use the digital inputs to sense limit switch and digital bus status. There are no complex handshake modes; reads and writes are initiated either from the front panel or the bus.

    Totalize Input
    Count events from devices like photo interrupters, limit switches, and Hall-effect sensors. It keeps an updated total which can be read via the front panel or programmatically at any time. With 26 bits of resolution, it can count events at full speed for nearly 45 minutes without an overflow.

    Analog Output
    Use the two electronically calibrated analog outputs to source bias voltages to your device under test, to control your analog programmable power supplies, or use the outputs as setpoints for your control systems. The outputs are programmed directly in volts, either from the front panel or from the bus.