Keysight E36231A DC Power Supply

28456.1 MFG #: E36231A
$1,643.00 / EA
  • Model: E36231A
  • Watts: 200
  • Amps: 20
  • Voltage: 30
  • Series: E36200 Series
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  • Description

    • Channel: 1 (Single output)
    • 0 to 30V and 0 to 20A
    • Power output: 200W max. (V x A cannot exceed 200W)
    • Autoranging for more current at all voltage ratings
    • Auto-parallel for double the current
    • Auto-series for double the voltage
    • Variable voltage slew rate to control inrush current
    • 350 µVrms ripple & noise
    • Over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature protection
    • Local 2–wire or remote 4-wire measurements
    • Low range current measurement
    • USB, LAN, Digital I/O, Optional GPIB (order E363GPBU)
    • E3633A/E3634A code compatible
    • Data logger, Output LIST

    Designed for Your Power-Hungry Devices

    The E36200 series consists of two 200 W single output power supplies and two 400 W dual output power supplies. Autoranging technology provides the highest current available at all output voltage. Power devices with up to 40A (E36233A) or voltage up to 120V (E36234A) using auto-parallel or auto-series to internally connect the two outputs into a single output with twice the power. A single output supply can power devices requiring up to 200W. A dual supply provides two independent 200W channels.

    Confidently supply your DUT with clean, reliable power

    Making meaningful measurements starts with powering your device correctly. The E36200 Series provides clean power with less than 350 µVrms ripple and noise. Precise output control allows voltage set with 0.03% accuracy and current set with 0.1% accuracy. Similar readback accuracy allows precision measurements to be made from the front panel, eliminating the need for an external multimeter. For currents, a low measurement range of less than 100 mA improves the measurement resolution and accuracy. Load and line regulation better than 0.01% ensure a steady output when power line and load changes occur, giving you more peace of mind.

    Improved measurement accuracy with 4-wire sensing

    To further improve the voltage regulation and measurement accuracy of the DC outputs, the E36200 Series offers you a 4-wire remote sensing capability along with the convenience or 2-wire local sensing on all outputs. Remote sensing requires the addition of a second set of leads to monitor the voltage at the test device. It is particularly useful for compensating for the voltage drops in the power leads when using the higher output currents. Internal relays ease switching between 2-wire local sensing and 4-wire remote sensing thus eliminating the need for shorting bars or jumpers commonly found on other bench power supplies.

    Simplify set up and operation with an intuitive and easy-to-use front-panel interface and connectivity

    The 4.3-inch LCD color display shows the voltage and current of all channels with different views. Color coding of the knobs, display, and binding posts help avoid setup and connection errors. Two individual knobs for voltage and current with rotary encoder control for precise setting and instrument keypad allows quick adjustments and configurations in less time. The E36200 Series also gives you rear output terminals for easy wiring, which is ideal for both bench and system setup. All models support operation via, SCPI (standard commands for programmable instruments) programming language, IVI (interchangeable virtual instruments) driver, web browser, or BenchVue. The E36200 Series ships standard with LAN and USB. GPIB is also an available option (order E363GPBU).