Keysight EL34143A Single Input DC Electronic Load 150 V 60 A 350 W USB LAN EL30000 Series

34468.1 MFG #: EL34143A
$2,207.00 / EA
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  • Drill Down Description: Single Input DC Electronic Load, 150 V, 60 A, 350 W, USB, LAN, EL30000 Series
  • Model: EL34143A
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  • Series: EL30000 Series

  • Description

    EL30000 Series Bench DC Electronic Loads - Measure, Capture and Display

    The EL30000 Series bench DC electronic loads provide superior performance in compact bench form factor. A single and dual-channel model is available with up to 600 W – ideal for design verification of consumer power supplies, batteries, battery modules, solar panels, LED drivers, and power converters. You can easily characterize wide-bandgap semiconductor components such as MOSFET and IGBT.

  • EL34143A Single-input DC electronic load: 150 V, 60 A, 350 W
  • EL34243A Dual-input DC electronic load: 150 V, 60 A, 300 W; total 600 W
  • EL34GPBU Optional GPIB Interface Module User Installable for EL30000 Series

  • Measures accurately
  • integrated voltmeter and ammeter
  • precise programming / readback accuracy
  • built-in 2-wire and 4-wire remote sense technology

  • Captures, stores, and transfers dynamic waveforms
  • data logger that is configurable
  • log voltage, current and energy
  • internal or external memory storage
  • export to .CSV for post analysis

  • Displays like an oscilloscope for precise analysis
  • performs precise transient analysis with a scope function
  • digitizes voltage and current
  • displays results on a 4.3-inch color LCD screen

  • Advanced characterization
  • use operating modes: constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), constant power (CP)
  • improve measurements with low current range
  • dynamic load profiles with List (continuous, pulse, or toggle)
  • adjust transient steps with programmable slew rate
  • modern connectivity: LAN (LXI-core), USB and GPIB (optional)

  • You’ll notice the familiar look as the new loads use the same compact footprint as the popular E36200 and E36300 Series power supplies.

    Keysight EL30000 Series DC Electronic Loads

    CLICK HERE to view the EL30000 Series Family Page

    Standard Shipped Accessories:

  • AC power cord
  • 10 A, 3.5 mm female 4-pin terminal I/O block connector (1ea)
  • 8 A, 3.5 mm 2-pin terminal sense block connector (1ea)
  • 85 A, 12 mm 2-pin input connector (1ea)

  • AC power cord
  • 10 A, 3.5 mm female 4-pin terminal I/O block connector (1ea)
  • 8 A, 3.5 mm 2-pin terminal sense block connector (2ea)
  • 85 A, 12 mm 2-pin input connector (2ea)

    Optional Accessories:

  • Option SEC NISPOM and file security
  • Option UK6 Commercial calibration with test result data

  • GPIB module and rackmount kits
  • EL34GPBU GPIB user-installable interface module
  • 1CM104A Rack mount flange kit with two flange brackets
  • 1CM105A Rack mount flange kit without handles and two flange brackets
  • 1CM116A Rack mount flange kit with one flange bracket, one half-module bracket
  • 1CN107A Handle kit with two front handles
  • 1CP108A Rack mount flange and handle kit with two brackets and front handles