Euro Tool POL-250.00 Safety Finger Tape 3/4inch Wide Green 16 Rolls/Pkg.

415-119 MFG #: POL-250.00
$26.95 / PKG
  • Color: Green
  • Description Price Table: 3/4inch Safety Finger Tape, 16 Rolls/Pkg.
  • Drill Down Description: Safety Finger Tape, 3/4inch Wide, Green, 16 Rolls/Pkg.
  • Model: POL-250.00
  • S3 Page Number Text: 152, 243, 376, 396, 429
  • S3 Product Index: 415-119

Protects Skin Against Rough, Sharp and Hot Surfaces

  • Description

    Self-adhering safety tape is the ultimate finger protection from cuts burns and abrasions. Wraps around and molds itself to fingers, hands and wrists. Allows the user to handle small articles much better than conventional cots or gloves. Adheres only to itself, leaves no residue and is painless to remove. Contains natural latex rubber. Each roll is 3/4" wide and 90' long, and comes 16 rolls per package.