ACT AL-200 Automatic Cable Tie Gun

481-693 MFG #: AL-200
$69.71 / EA
  • Description Price Table: Cable-Tie Gun
  • Drill Down Description: Automatic Cable Tie Gun
  • Model: AL-200
  • S3 Page Number Text: 98
  • Tensile Strength: For Cable ties 18, 40 and 50lbs

  • Description

    To save installation time, the AL-200 model can help automate and expedite the process. Once you select your choice of tension setting and pull the trigger, the cable tie gun systematically detects the selected tension and automatically cuts excess straps once this tension is achieved. Not only does this function save time when working with a large number of 18 lb., 40 lb., or 50 lb. cable ties, but it also ensures a professional consistency and appearance in quality of work.