Kester 300203 TSF-6852 Water Soluble Tacky Flux 30GR Syringe

488SO852 MFG #: 300203
$51.00 / EA
  • Drill Down Description: TSF-6852 Water Soluble Tacky Flux, 30GR Syringe
  • Model: 300203
  • Type: Water Soluble
  • UNSPSC: 23271808

  • Description
  • Contains halogens
  • For lead free processes

Kester TSF-6852 is a synthetic water-soluble tacky soldering flux. The synthetic ingredients eliminate naturally occurring raw materials typically found in fluxes. This maximizes lot-to-lot consistency. TSF-6852 is room temperature stable and does not require refrigeration for long-term storage. This reduces production line space for material storage and the cost of refrigerated storage. TSF-6852 has been formulated to be a drop in replacement for a variety of metallurgies. These include low melting point alloys (SnBi, SnBiAg, etc.), typical tin-lead eutectic alloys and the higher melting point, lead-free alloys (SnAg, SnCu, SnAgCu, SnSb, etc.). Post reflow, the residues are completely soluble in water and do not require any cleaning additives. To reduce the cost of assembling, room temperature or cool water (<65ºC) can be used to remove TSF-6852 residues.