Nordson EFD Inc.

Nordson EFD Inc. 7363256 Performus X100 Fluid Dispenser with Digital Display

489-405 MFG #: 7363256
$1,908.95 / EA
  • Voltage: 24 VDC (Internal)
  • Air Pressure Range: 7.0 bar (100 psi) maximum, Air output 0–7.0 bar (0–100 psi)
  • Cycle Time: Cycle rate: exceeds 600 cycles per minute
  • Drill Down Description: Performus X100 Fluid Dispenser with Digital Display
  • Includes: Dispenser, Syringe barrel adapter with safety clip, Syringe barrel stand, Air supply tubing, Foot pedal assembly, Power supply
  • Model: 7363256
  • Note: Tips, barrels, pistons and adapters sold separately. Requires Shop Air.
  • Operating Temperature: Temperature: 5–45° C (41–113° F), Humidity: 85% at 30° C (86° F), non-condensing, Height above sea level: 5000 m maximum (16404 ft)
  • Power Supply: AC input: 100–240 VAC (+/-10%), ~50/60Hz, 0.6 Amp, DC output: 24 VDC @ 0.75 Amp
  • PSI: 0–100
  • Requires Shop Air: Yes
  • Size: 10.38" W x 6.75" D x 2.62" H
  • Standards: Approvals: CE, ETL, RoHS, WEEE, China RoHS
  • Time Range: 0–99.9 seconds

  • Description
  • Requires shop air 0–100 psi

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EFD Performus Dispenser Helpful Tips:

✓ There are three core variables to the Performus dispenser: dispense time, pressure, and vacuum. Adjust just one of these at a time, in small increments, to achieve the correct deposit.

✓ Another variable is tip size. Choose the right tip for the deposit type. Remember, smaller tips require more pressure and more dispense time. Try different tips without changing the dispense time or pressure settings and observe the results.

✓ Tapered tips reduce the amount of air pressure needed to dispense thick materials. They also help prevent drooling at the end of a dispense cycle.

✓ To ensure smooth fluid flow and to make consistent deposits, keep the dispense tip at a 45° angle to the work surface.

✓ Use EFD SmoothFlow pistons to make barrel loading, dispensing, and handling cleaner, safer, and more accurate.