Desco 81271 Antistatic Polyimide Tape 1/2inch x 36 Yards 3inch Plastic Core

548LB81271 MFG #: 81271
$32.29 / EA
  • Size: 1/2inch x 36 Yards
  • Drill Down Description: Antistatic Polyimide Tape, 1/2inch x 36 Yards, 3inch Plastic Core
  • ESD Safe: Yes
  • Length: 36 Yards
  • Model: 81271
  • Static Safe: Yes
  • Thickness: 2.4 Mils

  • Description
  • Low charging polyimide film (2.4 Mils Thick) with polysiloxide adhesive
  • Surface resistance 1 x 10⁸ to < 1 x 10¹¹ ohms Tested per ANSI/ESD S11.11
  • Temperature resistance to a maximum of 572°F (300°C) for10 Second Max

Ideal for masking gold leads and other components on boards populated with sensitive integrated circuits. Generates less 50 volts when unwound from roll (at 73°F, 45% RH average) making it safe to use around most ESD sensitive items. May be exposed to high temperatures for wave soldering and other applications without leaving residue when removed.Desco TB-3010 Applications of Antistatic Tape Datasheet