Desco 19239 Mini Continuous Monitor with North American Plug

548MU471 MFG #: 19239
$147.52 / EA
  • Certificate of Calibration: Yes
  • Number of Operators: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Drill Down Description: Mini Continuous Monitor with North American Plug
  • Features: Wave Distortion Technology is the Most Reliable Technology for Continuous Monitoring of Single-Wire (Conductor) Wrist Straps inchWave Distortioninch or vector impedance works by applying a continuous test v
  • Includes: 1 Mini Monitor, 2 Push and Clinch Snaps, 1 Power Adapter, 24VDC, 1 Certificate of Calibration
  • Model: 19239
  • Note: The worksurface mat must have a conductive layer such as Dual Layer Rubber or Dissipative 3-Layer Vinyl with conductive buried layers. Desco workstation monitors are not recommended for use with homog
  • Plug Style: 100-240VAC Power Adapter with North American Plug (Works with standard electrical systems in North America, Japan and Asia)
  • Size: 2.77inch L x 2.08inch W x .90inch H

Continuously Monitors the Path-to-Ground Integrity of One Operator and One ESD Worksurface

  • Description
  • Wave distortion technology
  • Park snap with wave distortion technology
  • 1.2 Volt operator test voltage
  • <50 millisecond alarm response time
  • Continuous visual and audible alarms
  • NIST calibrated with certificate included
  • Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 in accordance with ESD TR1.0-01-0

This mini monitor is a single workstation continuous monitor. It continuously monitors the path-to-ground integrity of one operator and one ESD worksurface.< The monitor eliminates the need for periodic testing and record keeping of wrist straps. Designed with Wave Distortion Technology which provides stable continuous monitoring of the path-to-ground and presence of 1 megohm resistance of an operator’s wrist strap. Audio and visual alarms activate (in less than 50 milliseconds) when the operator unintentionally disconnects from the monitor or the wrist strap connection points are intermittent. The monitor also serves as a ground point for an ESD worksurface and monitors for a path-to-ground of less than 500 megohms. Comes calibrated to NIST standards and include a certificate. •Fail low alarm - all standard wrist strap testers include a fail low setting. This is important for operator safety. If the wrist strap is missing a resistor or has a defective resistor, the operator will be in effect plugging directly into hard ground (the resistance of the monitor is only 40K ohms). Using a monitor like the Desco 19239 / 19242 keeps your operators safe and your company’s liability to a minimum.

•Parking snap - allows you to keep the coiled cord at the monitor which helps prevent cord from getting lost, prevents cords from wearing out (a cord should not have to be unplugged once it’s in the monitor and parked). You’ll need to buy fewer cords, saving you money and should allow you to use less expensive cords due to less wear and tear on the banana plug and the strain relief.

Desco Mini Continuous Monitor Technical Data Sheet