MicroCare MCC-BAC IsoClean™ IPA-Based Flux Remover 12 oz. Aerosol

565CH715 MFG #: MCC-BAC
$14.25 /
  • Capacity: 12
  • Color: Clear
  • Container Type: Aerosol Can
  • Odor: Alcohol
  • Physical Form: Liquid
  • Application: Water-Soluble
  • Capacity UOM: oz.
  • Description Price Table: 12 oz. Aerosol
  • Drill Down Description: IsoClean™ IPA-Based Flux Remover, 12 oz. Aerosol
  • Model: MCC-BAC
  • Primary Keyword: Circuit and Stencil Cleaner
  • S3 Page Number Text: 107, 243, 252, 253, 405, 433, 445
  • S3 Product Index: 122-037

Cleaner for Water Soluble (OA) Fluxes and Pastes

  • Description
  • Mild cleaning strength
  • Safe on plastics
  • Flammable
  • Low odor
  • Medium drying
  • Cleans R, RA, RMA, SA fluxes & other contaminants

The IPA-Based Flux Remover - IsoClean™ is a mild, non-corrosive, ESD-safe circuit cleaner that quickly and easily removes fluxes, pastes, light oils and grease, as well as organic residues. It is effectively used as a circuit cleaner and stencil cleaner. MicroCare IPA-Based Flux Remover - IsoClean is the strongest IPA-based cleaner on the market. While most IPA-based cleaners contain up to 30% water, this cleaner contains virtually no water and is undiluated by airborne humidity. 100% volatile, it evaporates cleanly with no rinsing required. Safe on all materials including components, connectors, cables and elastomer.